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Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Narrow Tall TV Stand in 2021

Buying a Narrow Tall TV Stand can be time-consuming and take a lot of effort. As you have to think of many things before buying best Narrow Tall TV Stand and let us be honest, none has that much time on hand. We thought; why not make it easier for consumers to buy a TV stand by viewing and reviewing some of the best TV stands out there.  Tall and narrow TV stands are the way to go. When you buy a tall and narrow TV stand, you will be getting a TV stand that will not take a lot of space and give you the perfect viewing height, so you don’t strain your neck when watching the TV for a long time.

To make it easy for you, we made a list of the 15 best narrow and tall TV stands. All you have to do is read our review and pick the one that catches your eyes. All narrow and tall TV stands in this article have good reviews, are robust, and will last you a long time to come.

Budget: The first and most important thing is planning your budget. You can get a TV stand at many different prices, as you can get them costing more than $500 to less than $100. Having a decided budget helps with not overspending and getting the perfect TV stand you need with the features and style that attracts most to you.

Space Size/ TV Size: Measuring the space in which you wish to place your TV stand is important, and people often forget to do that. Measuring the dimensions of the space lets you get the TV stand that will fit perfectly into that place without getting in the way or coming in the way of other items of furniture. It’s also very important that you know your TV size and you buy the TV stand that can hold your TV not just in size but also in weight. Many people don’t think of the weight and end up buying a TV stand that does not have that much holding capacity.

Cord Management: This factor may not seem as crucial, but it’s what will give you the ease of different features. Like buying a TV stand that has cable management, where everything is hidden and can get plugged into the outlets from behind. TV stands that have such management help you not trip over cords and ensure no mess of the cords and wires on the front side.

Storage: Figuring out beforehand what type of storage you want can be helpful. Do you have kids, toddlers? If yes, then closed storage will be the best option, as it will keep things hidden from the kids. However, if you want to show off your displays, decorations, CDs, then you can go for the open storage TV stands. You can even get a TV stand with both closed and open storage places.

Viewing Height: People frequently neglect to consider the review tallness of the TV stand and later on get disappointed as a result of it. The viewing height relies upon how tall you are and low your couch is. You should consider the screen measurements of the TV moreover. According to a survey, the best viewing height is where you won’t strain your neck or back when staring at the TV for a short or long time. So guarantee you have a thought or the ideal survey stature that suits you.

15 Best Narrow and Tall TV Stands

Martin Svensson Home Avalon TV Stand

A tall and narrow TV stand with a beautiful, surprising antique look and an appearance that will catch your attention is the Martin Svensson Home Avalon. You get a TV stand that offers a fresh and smart look. This long narrow TV stand got made using sturdy MDF wood to ensure you give you a piece of furniture that will last you a long time to come.

The design on the TV stand has gotten inspired by the Parisian antique market to get a refined transitional design, giving a soothing and aesthetically pleasing look.  Furthermore, the combination of luxurious frame details on the glass doors, twisted bun feet, and architectural cornices give an overall exquisite appearance. This narrow TV stand for the bedroom has a versatile storage option, where they give you the option of adjusting the shelf height or removing the shelf if needed. The shelves get hidden behind the artistic glass doors. It gives you more than enough space to put all your components in. Overall, you get a piece of furniture that is worth the buy for its price, you will not regret spending such a price.

This tall and narrow TV stand has cable management at the back for easy access to the outlets without bringing them from the front. This gorgeous Martin Svensson Home Avalon TV stand comes in eight amazing colors. So, no matter what your room theme is or decor is, this furniture will go charmingly with anything.  This TV stand narrow is a product loved by customers, and we are sure you will love it too.

Walker Edison Farmhouse TV Stand

Modern Farmhouse styled TV stands are all the rage nowadays. Walker Edison jumped into this trend by giving its consumers a beautiful traditional with a modern touched farmhouse styled TV stand tall narrow.  Who would not want such an elegant piece of furniture in their house, whether it’s for your bedroom, living room, or even the kid’s room?

This TV stand narrow, depth got made using a high-grade MDF certified to last you a long time to come. It has a beautiful oak white finish with durable lamination.  It has a versatile style, with sliding barn-style doors, to give it the extra elegance needed. The sliding structure got made using metal for the doors to glide smoothly along with it. For storage, it gives you two open rectangular shelves on the top and two adjustable shelves on the bottom, which can become close storage space using the sliding doors.  The shelf is flexible, so you can adjust it to suit the height of your components. The sliding doors give you the hold over the part you wish to conceal and the part you wish to show. No matter how you position the doors, the overall design is a guarantee to give you something useful with an appealing appearance.

This very narrow TV stand by Walker Edison can support a 58-inch TV. The beautiful white finish and the overall traditional look give the buyers something sophisticated, different, and aesthetically pleasing.  Another plus point regarding this narrow white TV stand is from Walker Edison, a company any trust and love.

Tangkula Wood TV Stand

A beautiful narrow white TV stand with an adequate, sleek finish and will look great with any home decor is the Tangkula Wood TV stand. It has a compact structure, so it will not need a lot of space and an excellent buy for people who live in compact places like apartments. It will give you a place to put your TV, all your storage, without it taking too much space.

This tall and narrow TV stand from Tangkula got created using a high-quality MDF board, making it reliable and durable.  It has a refined, luxurious finish, making it compatible with all types of decor. Furthermore, the narrow white TV stand has four solid pinewood for legs to add extra support to it. It also has vintage metal knobs so you can open and close the cabinet with ease. It is the ideal household item for anybody needing a smooth TV stand that adds beauty to the home presentation. This small narrow TV stand gives you three open storage spaces and small cabinets on each side. The cabinet doors are elegant, made with tempered glass. Another feature that we love is that it has a scratch and corrosion proof surface, making it not only easy to clean but durable and long-lasting.

If you have a 45-inch TV, then this tall and narrow TV stand is perfect. It is not only functional but gives a fine, organized look. This Tangkula TV stand has a clean finish and will add a modern, neat touch to your room. Furthermore, it is not as expensive as it looks, it will grab everyones attention and become your favorite piece of furniture.

Walker Edison Fireplace TV Stand

No matter how old you are, a fireplace always gives you the magical touch a person needs. A magnificently made, tall narrow TV stand with a traditional wooden look and a modern touch of a built-in-fireplace is the Walker Edison Rustic Fireplace TV stand.  It has an appealing look, with a cozy feature.

This narrow TV stand got manufactured using a combination of high-grade MDF, wood grain design, and metal accents. No matter where you put it, as it will give a stunning, modern industrial appeal. You can pick from three beautiful colors finished. It has side cabinets with adjustable shelves and beautiful traditional farmhouse styled doors and elegant metal accents. The doors have not gotten made of glass or wood, it has a mesh door finish.  The shelves have a cord management system, so you have easy access to the outlets.

The feature that we love is the fireplace display, which has a traditional log burning illustration to give you the fireplace feeling. Furthermore, this long narrow TV stand gives you the option of having heat and display on or only the display. Yes, it provides heat that will warm up around 400 sq. ft. It’s easy to assemble furniture, where you will not need an electrician as you simply plug it into any outlet, and that’s it.

Many don’t have fireplaces, and why go through the whole construction process when you can get the same thing in a TV stand.  This beautiful Walker Edison TV stand with a fireplace is worth buying for a magical, cozy, and pleasing experience.

Tribesigns Industrial Rustic Media TV Stand

If you are someone who likes simple, elegant, and industrial kind of furniture, then the Tribesigns Rustic Media Stand is something you will love to buy.  Finding a simple, minimalistic, long narrow TV stand can be difficult. However, this TV stand gives you all of that in one place. This amazing TV stand can hold a TV up to 60-inched. A wonderful TV stand for a minimalistic person.

This TV stand for a narrow mantel has a 30mm thick environmental E1 standard board as a shelf and a robust metal frame structure.  The metal structure ensures your TV and other media components get the support you need, without the worry of it wobbling or falling down on you.  You get a vintage rustic finished narrow TV stand, with a touch of retro, so it matches your furniture and style, no matter what it is.  When it comes to storage, you get four amazing open storage places where you can place your TV components, books, CDs, decorations, anything you wish to show off.

If we talk about assembly, then you will be pleased to know it is easy, and you will not need any electric drill to get it done. It comes with all the tools and hardware you would need.  You can use this TV stand for multiple uses: if you wanted, you could use it as a coffee table, console table, or hall table. This Tribesigns Media Stand is under $200, and it’s worth it, considering the robust, long-lasting piece of furniture you will be getting.

Sekey Home 58” Entertainment Center

Imagine having a deluxe, smokey tall narrow TV stand for your bedroom. The Sekey Home Entertainment center will add a magnificent and tasteful uplift to your room. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble, and you get it for under $200.  It’s a modern designed TV stand that you would not want to miss out on.

This narrow TV stand for bedroom utilized engineered wood with a beautiful matt laminated finish to give you a durable yet dense TV stand. It not only narrow but also long, as it measures 58-inches in length and can comfortably hold a 60-inch TV. It also has a luxurious wood grain finish, making it easy to clean and maintain.  You get multiple storage spaces in this TV stand tall narrow. It has two top open shelves and two rectangular shelves in the middle. Furthermore, to give you closed storage; it has a cabinet on each side. It features cable management for each shelf, so you can put the media or TV component anywhere without worrying about the cords reaching the outlet.

This elegant TV stand has a slanted food style and a modern finish. Imagine having this Sekey Home TV stand in your bedroom or even your living room it’s simple yet aesthetically pleasing. You will love the touch it will add to your room.

Rfiver Swivel Floor TV Stand with mount

Having a narrow TV stand with mount is useful in many ways.  You might be wondering why? It is because you can place it anywhere you want without a problem, whether it is in a corner or the middle of the wall.  The Rfiver Swivel floor TV stand with mount will add style to your room, all the while taking less space.  Rfiver TV stand has many features that you will come to love and realize that they are important to not straining your neck.

This small narrow TV stand has a rectangular shape with a thick tempered glass base, which will give your TV extra support and keep it in place without the worry of the TV fall over. This tall narrow corner TV stand has 3-tier shelving for storage.  The top two beautiful shelves got made of steel with a matt finish. The shelves are waterproof, dustproof, and have a clean, fine finish.

The features are extra, but we will love are how you can move the TV 45 degrees to each side, so no matter where you are in the room, you can turn the TV to that place.  This tall narrow corner TV stand has a thick aluminum tube going through the back to give your TV the extra support and protection it needs. One of the main concerns that people have when buying a narrow TV stand with a mount is the TV falling or slipping. If that is your worry, then you need not worry as it has lock screws that will hold the TV in place and ensure its safety. If you live in a compact place, then this narrow TV stand with mount by Rfiver is perfect for you.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go XL Highboy TV Stand

A tall narrow TV stand for a bedroom with a simple outlook is the Designs2Go XL Highboy TV stand by Convenience Concepts.  It is a TV stand that has no design but still looks elegant. Furthermore, if you hate the assembly process, then you will love this TV stand as it requires no tools whatsoever.

This narrow-tall TV stand is a simple four-tier TV stand. It has gotten made using the pressed wood material. However, don’t get put off thinking that it is cheap material as they have made it ensuring the consumers get a sturdy, reliable TV stand.  The composite dense wood material used has a heavyweight and gives the TV stand the support it needs. The stainless steel chrome poles that hold the shelves together ensure that it stays in one place, and makes the structure.  You’re getting three spacious shelves to put all your TV components and media components on. The open shelving adds its own classy touch.

Getting a narrow tall TV stand that will fit in any space and your budget is always a plus point. It will complement nicely with any decor and provide you with a TV stand that will last you years to come.  If you are on a budget and want something durable, then furniture from Convenience Concepts is the way to go.

Vasagle TV Stand

Vasagle is known to give consumers furniture that consumers can afford and get the rustic styled furniture they want.  A small narrow TV stand by Vasagle is this barn door entertainment center. It’s compact but gives you enough space to store all your TV and media components in. Vasagle furniture focuses on giving consumers furniture that has a combination of industrial, rustic, and modern design.

This TV stand tall narrow got manufactured with being inspired by barn door designs. This TV stand brings an elegant countryside feel to your room and can accommodate any TV that is up to 60-inches.  It got made using real wood high-quality MDF boards with the finish detailing has given it the look of real wood. The robust and steel frame that is holding the structure gives it the stability it needs and the support while making it durable.  The barn door design has a metal, rustic accent that makes the whole cabinet stand out even more. For storage, it has one side cabinet with two barn doors and two shelves on the other side.  Furthermore, the shelves are adjustable and give you three height options.

This eye-catching barn door styled TV stand and the versatile storage shelves and cable management give you a great TV cabinet.  This very narrow TV stand is easy to assemble, comes with an anti-tip kit, so it stays in one place.  If this Vasagle TV stand has the look that will put you and your guests in awe.

Zinus Modern Studio TV Media Stand

Are you a person who likes simple, effortless things? As they say, beauty lies in simplicity. Maybe, you’re a minimalistic person who wants nothing over-complicated or too much crowded.  If yes was the answer to all of these questions then we are for sure that you will love the Zinus Modern tall and narrow TV stand. This TV stand got an award for its good, simple design.

This narrow TV stand got designed with the mind of creating an industrial styles TV table that has a strong steel squared-frame, which guarantees that you’re getting something that is reliable.  It comes in two spectacular colors.  It has a mahogany wood grain finish, and shelves got made using high-grade MDF.  No need to worry about storage, as your getting two large open shelves.  You can put all the TV components in it without a problem.  You may be wondering why we added such a simple TV stand compared to all the others. We liked this because you’re getting a blank canvas. It up to you what you do with it; you can add storage bins, lighting, colorful pieces anything you want.  Overall it has dimensions of 40 x 17 x 18 inches and a weight capacity of 100 pounds.

Whether you’re a minimalistic person or an artistic person this TV stand is perfect for you. You can use it and decorate it however you want and you’re getting it under $100.  This Zinus Modern TV stand is perfect for people who like to add their own touch to their furniture.

Leick Riley Holliday TV Stand

A tall narrow corner TV stand by Leick furniture that we love is its Riley Holliday TV stand with the mission oak finish.  If you have a corner where you wish to place the TV, then we are sure that you will love this TV stand. It has a traditional outlook, with no extra or modern touch. You will be buying a TV stand that has a classical look, and that is what makes it more charming.

This narrow corner TV stand got made using the finest quality solid wood and solid wood veneers. Furthermore, the hand-crafted multistep rich finish defines all the detailing really well.  It has a dark, rich, oak wood grain finish that naturally brings warmth to the room. It will go nicely into a corner without taking too much floor space.  It has a cabinet for storage space with a beveled tempered glass door.  It gives over nine cubic feet of storage with two shelves that you can adjust to the height you wish.  Measuring at 242″ W x 20″ D x 25″ H, you’re getting a TV stand with a classical soft touched design that will make your room cozy and homely.

Furthermore, this tall narrow corner TV stand has cable management to keep cables and cords out of sight.  It’s easy to assemble, and the beautiful hand detailing on this Leick Riley Holliday TV stand makes it stand out and bring that elegant feature to it.  If you like classic furniture, then this would be the one you should buy.

Martin Svensson Home Omaha TV Stand

A beautifully design tall stand for narrow mantle, which is easy to assemble and has an elegant rustic finish, is the Martin Svensson Home Aspen. If you want a TV stand narrow depth that has a sturdy, robust structure and will last you years to come, then this TV stand is for you.  Who would not want to buy a farmhouse styles console with a real wood texture?

From all the tall and narrow TV stands that we have on our list, only this one got made using New Zealand pine.  When we talk about its appearance, it has a unique combination of a rustic, farmhouse, and loft look. For more uniqueness, they made the side doors inners using mesh, which will protect your components from insects and airborne debris, while giving an elegant fresh look. The middle cabinet doors, in this tall stand for narrow mantle, got made using the pine and styled into sliding farmhouse barn doors. For storage, behind each door, your get shelves, and the best thing is you can choose to add the shelves, adjust to the height you want in between, or remove them completely.

To give this TV stand narrow depth the extra support it comes with an anti-tip kit.  This beautiful rustic finished narrow TV stand by Martin Svensson is all about giving consumers a TV stand that has sturdiness, stability, and style.  The barn-style finish and the storage it provides makes it great for people who happen to have many components that they wish to conceal from children or pets.

SIMPLIHOME Kitchener Solid Wood TV Stand

If you don’t mind splurging more than $300 on a TV stand tall narrow with a distinct contemporary style and many different storage spaces, then Kitchener TV stand by SimpliHome, is one you will love. If you have a TV stand that is around 55-inches, then it will perfectly stand on this TV stand. It has a design and color that will complement nicely with any type of decor and room theme.

This TV stand narrow got crafted using the best-quality, handcrafted pine wood. It has a distinct, long-lasting finished structure.  It has been hand-finished and has an NC lacquer protective layer that emphasized and brings out the grainy innovation and polish. You get two open shelves on the top, with cable management holes on the back. Furthermore, you get three drawers in the middle and side cabinets on each side with a glass design door. Each cabinet has two shelves, from which you can adjust or remove the shelf if you wanted. You can put it in the kitchen, living room or even bedroom and use it for multiple purposes.

Yes, this SimpliHome Kitchener narrow TV stand is more on the expensive side, but you will not get another TV stand made of high-quality pine wood and all hand-finished for the extra detailing, and added classiness.  If you can splurge the money, then you should, because let’s be honest a TV stand made from real wood is bound to last longer than a TV stand made from high-quality MDF board.

Sauder County Line Panel TV Stand

If you’re looking to buy a classically styled TV stand that has a simple yet rich finish, then this narrow tall TV stand by Sauder County Line will definitely catch your attention. It not only costs less than $150 but gives a TV stand that will work in any place, whether it is a compact place or not.

If you have a TV that is around 47-inches or less and weighs 70 pounds, this stand is a perfect choice.  The use of solid wood to manufacture it makes it steady and gives it a modern with a hint of antiqueness style. The rustic salt oak finish gives it the extra classy touch it needs. It easy to clean and maintain material, while giving the most support to your TV it can.  The whole structure has a neat interlined finish, with no sharp edges or bits that will injure you. It also has an enclosed back panel with cord access.  The dimension of this narrow and tall TV stand is 47.32-inches X 17.01-inches X 24.06-inches. For storage, it gives you two middle shelves and side cabinets. So whether you want to hide or show components you have both options.

Overall, this Sauder County Line Panel TV stand with the salt oak finish is on the cheaper side, without it looking that way. No one will be able to guess the fact that it’s under $150. It a simple designed TV stand that gives you space to put your TV and all its components.

Monarch Specialties with 1 Drawer

Imagine having a TV stand narrow that got manufactured by being inspired by the art-deco style. If you are looking for a TV stand that is under $200 and has a modern new-design structure then the Monarch Specialties is something that you will like.  It comes in three fabulous colors; white, dark taupe, and cappuccino.

This TV stand for narrow mantle got manufactured using a high-quality MDF board, making it durable and substantial.  It has a melamine layer finish to make it water and dustproof and easy to clean. You can simply use a dry, soft cloth, and if you want to give it a good clean, then a damp cloth will do the job.  The spectacular structure of this TV stand narrow is how the shelves are in different sized and placed in different ways to give a modern artistic appearance. Apart from the open shelves, it gives you a smooth gliding drawer, in which you can put small components like chargers, remotes, and so on.  All three shelves have 47-inches in length but different depths.  The drawer has a length of 12-inches and 11-inch depth.

This rustic, elegant, artistic TV stand narrow, will look great under your TV. No matter whether you decide to put the TV on the stand or mount it above it, in both cases it will look great. It will not fade or start to chip it’s a simple yet excellently finished piece of furniture.


We hope our list of the best 15 narrow and tall TV stand help you make the decision in buying the perfect TV stand. This article got made by researching not only TV stands but also their reviews, so that the vest ones could be provided to our readers.

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