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Top 15 Best Oak Entertainment Center in 2021

Do you have a TV? Everyone has a TV. So why not have the TV space designed and enhanced by adding an entertainment center?

If you have a TV, then you are most likely to have many components that you wish to add to it like a gaming system, satellite box, DVD player, WIFI router, speakers, CDS, and so on. When you get a TV stand, it offers minimal storage space. However, an Entertainment center is the way to go in 2021.

It will give you a place to put your TV in but also more than enough storage to add all your TV-related components.

Best Oak Entertainment Center

There are many options and designs to choose from, making it give you control of how you wish the TV area looks or its ambiance. No matter whether you have a large TV, large space, or a compact space, you will find one that will suit your needs and your décor. To help you in finding the best entertainment system, we have this list of the top 15 oak entertainment centers in 2021.

We decided to do oak entertainment systems because they do will all interior designs and any furnishing you will have without a problem. So, become modern and choose the eye-catching centerpiece for your TV because your TV is the centerpiece of any room and the first thing someone would look at, so why not make it spectacular.

Entertainment Center
Entertainment Center

Five Things to Consider Before Buying an Oak Entertainment Center

  1. TV Size: Knowing the screen size and weight. It allows you to get furniture that will hold the TV’s weight and also be the right fit for your TV size. You would not want to buy a product that is too small for your TV.
  2. Storage: Do you want an entertainment center with a few storage places or a lot, and do you want it to be open storage places or closed?
  3. Material/ Design: You would want something that compliments your other furniture, home decor, and color. Do you want something traditional, modern, or retro?
  4. Feature: An entertainment center that has extra features like cable management holes, fireplace, adjustable shelves, or an environmentally safe product is always a plus point, so do look at what features it has and whether it suits your need.

1. Sekey Home 58” Entertainment Center

Who would not fancy a smokey, oak wood entertainment center, which adds a spectacular yet modest uplifting addition to your furnishings, with versatile storage space? Moreover, an entertainment center, which buyers loved for its easy to assemble feature and affordable price.

The Sekey Weathered oak TV stand uses an engineered wood, with a laminated and metal accent mix finish to create this durable, unyielding, and dense, smokey oak television stand, which is 58 inches long and comfortably holds a TV up to 60 inches. It holds up to 70 pounds, and if you have a TV that weighs more, then you can always use a TV stand above this entertainment system.  The rich wooden grain finish in brown makes it easy for you to clean it by solely dusting it with a soft cloth.

Buyers love the storage design of this solid oak television stand, as it offers consumers multiple storage options.  It has two cabinets on each side, with an option to add shelves or remove them if needed. In between those cabinets, there are shelves, which have holes on the back for cable management, making it easy to put your media or gaming devices on any shelf.

Overall, it gives you four closed and four open shelves. Also, it supplies you with humanized metal handles for the best experience.

We had to add this oak TV stand 60-inch product for its elegant yet modern design, which is a slanting foot design. Whether you use a TV stand above or place it on top of the entertainment center, it will be a beautiful addition to your room, without any doubt.

2. Walker Edison Tall Wood Corner Fireplace Stand

Walker Edison is known for creating astonishing, wondrous types of furniture for its buyers.  They offer many different pieces of furniture that offer many small yet useful features like this best buy white oak TV stand you could get with a fireplace.

The Tall light oak television stand from Walker Edison has a design to suit any room decor and fit perfectly in a corner if you wish to place it there. If you target a white oak stand in your mind, then this would be a good choice.

Whether it is your living room or bedroom, having a fireplace adds a magical ambiance to the room. However, many who live in an apartment cannot build a fireplace, or if you wish for a fireplace in your bedroom without a construction mess, then the corner oak TV stands oak wood is what you need. This white oak TV stand not only provides a place for you to put a TV up to 55 inches, but it also provides you with an electric heating fireplace.

The fireplace, you can use to eat up to 400 sqft or solely use it as a fireplace display if you live in a hot weathered place like Florida. Furthermore, you only have to plug in the unit, no need for an electrician.

The Walker Edison light oak television console with a fireplace, constructed using a high-grade MDF with a laminated finish to last you years to come. It has two small, yet tall cabinets that have tempered glass with wood outline doors and three shelves inside, for you to put your CDs, books, or any decoration piece. Also, it provides you with an open shelf above the fireplace for your media devices.

It is simple to use, with two buttons, one for the heat for the fireplace and one for the fire ambiance. Furthermore, it has a thermostat, for you to keep an eye on how much heat you would like.  This fine piece of furniture is great for small places and easy to assemble.  The Walker Edison oak TV console is perfect for a homey, warm atmosphere.

3. Tribesigns Large 3-piece Entertainment Center Wall Units

This weathered oak TV stand is a great addition one can make, and a must-have entertainment center is the one in which you can display your TV, media accessories, gaming system, books, or decoration pieces. The Tribesigns industrial entertainment center is the one you should buy. It has a blend of an industrial and modern design, which you build around your TV stand.

The Tribesigns entertainment center, built using engineered wood, which displays a natural wood grain, and has a metal lines frame. It adds a contemporary yet retro charm to your entertainment space.  It is a strong and durable rustic TV entertainment center.

Made with anti-scratch and stain-resistant board, making it easy to clean and safe for your family.  The 0.78 x 0.78 inches metal frame supports the whole structure to provide you with a rustic oak TV stand that will not shake or fall over or move in any way.

This solid oak entertainment center has open shelving all around, using 0.59 inches think manufactured wood. You can use it as a multipurpose bookshelf, display rack, storage console, or even a shoe rack if you want. It measures 61”H x 90.5”W x 15.7”D and will look marvelous no matter where you put it, whether it is your home office, lounge area, living room, or your bedroom.  It can hold up to 110lbs load, and the space between each shelf is around 16″.

This rustic oak entertainment center can support a TV up to 47 inches. Do not be put off; thinking it will take time to assemble, as that is not the case. It is easy to assemble, and you can do it alone as well without a problem. The solid oak television stand was a product we have to add to our list of the top 15 oak entertainment centers in 2021 because it has a country, with a blend of a voguish design.

4. Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

Do you want to add a modern touch to your home décor? You can, using the Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV stand. It is on more of an expensive side. However, after you see the functions and features it has, it will be worth it. This TV stands oak wood is sensational and breathtaking.

This TV oak console table, constructed using a fusion of laminated particleboard, MDF, and hollow core, with metal bottoms and tempered glass shelving, is sturdy and well-built.  The Amerwood Home Lumina oak wood entertainment center has a 23 inches electric fireplace in the middle.

It can warm up to 400 square feet quickly, by touching a button, with a timer, which you can set according to your need and not worry about forgetting it on. If you want a fireplace look, with the flames and that whole ambiance, without the heat, then you can do that by leaving the light on and turning the heat off.  You can pick the heat you want and how bright you want the flames to be.

To give you the storage you need, it has six shelves in total, three on each side of the fireplace, with two tempered glass shelves, giving you more than enough space to put your media devices, gaming systems, and so on. To provide an eye-catching touch, it has blue LED lights on the side shelves, which you can turn on or off.

The realistic flame effects are perfect for people who live in a place where they don’t have a fireplace option. Overall, this oak television console gives your whole room a warm, snug, cozy character.

5. Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Everyone has a TV stand or an entertainment center, but one that has an attractive modern yet simple design that will go with any interior design will always be a plus one. Who would want to miss out on a honey oak TV stand? Another Ameriwood piece of furniture that we had to add to our list was the Ameriwood Home Carson oak TV stand. It will go fabulous with any TV up to 50 inches and support up to 60 pounds.

An entertainment center is the centerpiece of a room, so making sure that it has an attractive design.  Ameriwood constructed this solid oak TV stand using thick particleboard, with metal feet for not only support but also to give a subtle visual aptitude.  You can buy it with a flat black or a two-tone cherry and black or a Sonoma oak finish.

Who would not want large storage space for their media component? It has two adjustable open shelves in the middle, with two cabinets on each side, also having adjustable shelves.  This oak wood entertainment center gives you more than enough space to put all your gaming, media, and DVD player components.

This oak wood TV stand is easy to clean. However, one person alone cannot assemble it. You will need another person to help you. It also offers cut holes on the back for easy cable management and to keep the cords organized and tidy. A simple, sophisticated piece of furniture as an entertainment center gives you a futuristic, sleek TV stand oak wood centerpiece in your room.

6. Furinno Andrey Entertainment Center with Bin Drawers

When you live in an apartment or a college dorm, small size furniture is your best friend, whether it is for your living room, kitchen or bedroom.  Furinno is one of the best oak television stands when it comes to small furniture, with a smart design.  They provide quality and affordable prices. The Furinno Andrey entertainment center with bin is the most simple, compact oak entertainment center with more than enough storage one can get for their TV.

If you are someone who cares about the environment when buying your furniture, then this would be the one for you, as Furinno created it using medium density composite wood, made from recycled materials rubber trees. There will be no foul smell, and the material is stable and dense.  It has stylish, functional, and suitable for any room design. Furthermore, it has round edges to prevent you or your children if you have got injured.

For storage, it has two composite wood shelves and two non-woven bins. You can leave the non-woven bins in or take them out and make them as shelves. It has nothing over-complicated, including the design. It is the perfect simple furniture you can get for a compact place.

The Furinno Andrey Entertainment center has a French oak, with a grey and black finish. The other best thing that we like about this oak TV cabinet was that you use it for any flat screen TV up to 40 inches or you can put it in your bedroom or use it as a coffee table.

7. Home Styles Modern Craftsman Distress Oak 3 Piece Entertainment Center

People usually prefer Oak entertainment centers because of the storage spaces that they offer. No matter how much living space you have, it’s always a great thing to have as much extra space you can.  The Home Styles Modern Craftsman Distress oak entertainment system covers your TV area nicely with tons of storage space while giving you the style and stability that you would like.

This oak entertainment center is one of the most elegantly designed furnishings you can purchase. Home Styles produced it by using distressed oak and poplar wood, which gives it an artistic and classy appearance. The frame made of metal in brown color keeps it durable and stable.

No matter where you put it, the high-quality used materials make this unit firm and steady. It conveniently can hold any TV which is no larger than 55 inches. Overall the oak TV cabinet design is simple, and you can modify it if you wanted by putting lights or decorations around or on it.

The Home Styles 5050-34 comes as a three-piece set; a center TV oak console and two towers. The center TV console has two draws and two wide-open shelves, while the towers each have one draw and four open shelves.

So, in total, you will get four draws and ten shelves, giving you more than enough space to put everything related to your TV or gaming components. You can use it to display books, a CD, or even art or CD collections. You can use the higher shelves to put your speakers or wifi-router.

The HomeStyle modern craftsmen distress entertainment system is on our list of the top 15 oak entertainment center in 2021 because of its exceptional craftsmanship and robust steady build. The open-back design allows an easy path to the power outlets on the wall. This Carolina oak finish wood entertainment center has more than enough storage and a versatile, simple design perfect for any home.

8. FURINNO Turin-N-Tube Grand Entertainment Center

Furinno is a blend of furniture and innovation. They were the ones who started the trend of ready to assemble furniture in America. This company aims to provide buyers with high-quality furniture that is affordable and innovative.  The Furinno Turn-N-Tube Grand entertainment center offers exactly what you would need, primitiveness, and lots of storage space.

This multipurpose entertainment center can easily hold a 50 inch TV. The shelves, made of particleboard and PVC, are available in two colors; French oak grey and espresso. It has an easy assemble design, which anyone could do with the help of easy instructions.  It is a small yet smart design, which you can easily put into a dorm room, or an apartment, or any compact place.

The Furinno Turn-N-Tube oak entertainment center has 77.87 inches in width, 37 inches high, and 13.39 inches deep. It is ideal for short people because it is low and so they can easily reach out and put things on it.  It weighs 40.7 pounds, and the central panel on the top has a holding capacity of 30 pounds, and the top one has 10 pounds, and the shelf panel has 15 pounds holding capacity. Overall it gives you five shelves, two of which are long, and the rest are small cubic shelves.

Do not think that it will cover the whole of the TV wall, but it will cover enough of the space around the TV.  This solid oak entertainment center has a smart yet minimalistic design.  It comes with a one-year warranty and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. This Turin-N-Tube entertainment center is a perfect piece of furniture for someone who wants something low, with a plain, artless design.

9. Tangkula Wood TV Stand with Center Compartments

When looking for a light oak TV stand, many fear that it might not be as appealing or stylish as others. However, that is not the case.  The Wood TV stand from Tangkula has a dainty attractive design with a white oak finish. It is great for people who wish to have a farmhouse appearance decor.

This Tangkula wood TV stand made using high-quality decorative laminate and board that is tough and will not deform easily. Moreover, if you are a person that cares about the environment, then you will be happy to hear that Tangkula produces their boards according to the P2 standard, making it extremely safe.  It has a TV ark aesthetic feel, with distinct wood grain, which is not only beautiful but suitable to go with any decor.

This oak entertainment center offers two open compartments and two cabinet storage spaces for you to put anything you want. The cabinet has sliding doors, which allow you to position it in any way that you would like. The barn doors have a stable structure and a beautiful design. You can adjust the cabinet shelves, as it gives you the option of attaching them or leaving them out if that’s what you prefer.

Overall it is a sturdy, small oak entertainment center, which is just under 200 dollars, making it affordable for people on a budget.  It can hold a TV up to 65″ and all the TV components in its storage easily. It is one of the top 15 oak entertainment centers in 2021, with thick shelves, stable feet, smooth surface, and cable management holes.

10. WAMPAT Mid-Century Modern Retro Media Entertainment Center

Retro Mid-century styled design is all the rage now a day because firstly, it goes with all furnishings and décor. Secondly, it has an eye-catching appearance. The WAMPAT Mid-Century Modern entertainment center does exactly that; it gives a retro Mid-century design with a touch of contemporary. A mid-century oak television cabinet will add a whole refreshing looking to your room.

An oak entertainment center made of high-quality particle board is what a buyer would want because that will ensure that the product is not only long-lasting but durable and sturdy also.  A company that gives a lifetime warranty on an oat TV stand 60 inches shows that they have faith in the product quality and that it will not crush the expectations of the consumer.

The modern touch that they have given this retro-style entertainment center is the push to open cabinet door design. You will not see any handle or knobs on the cabinet door. Instead, you lightly push the door, and the door will pop open.

The oak TV cabinet has two shelves in the middle, with cabinets on each side. Modern touched cabinets with no creeky or noises that you will hear when you open and close it.  The middle shelf is adjustable, and you can move it to adjust to the height of whatever you wish to put there.  IT gives you enough storage for you to place all media-related components. Furthermore, it has space underneath for you to clean it easily without having to move it each time you wish to clean it.

You can fit a TV up to 65 inches and has a holding capacity of 240 pounds. It has a beautiful rustic oak finish, and they paid a lot of attention to its details to provide not only stylish but a multifunctional, sturdy, and firm Oak entertainment center.

11. Sauder Orchard Hills Corner Entertainment Credenza

Sauder is an American-based company that is environmentally conscious and makes most of its products using engineered wood. The Sauder corner Crendeza entertainment center is from its orchard hills collection, which features a traditional, classic country style. It is a beautiful oak storage cabinet.  If you are a fan of old-styled furniture, then this will for sure interest you.  A Carolina oak finished wood cabinet gives your room a traditional touch.

This oak storage cabinet fits perfectly into a corner. It has an amazing Carolina oak finish on the engineered wood it uses for construction. It has a 25-inch height and 60 inches in width. It can accommodate any TV that is 50 inches or less and weighs 95 pounds. Overall it has a beautiful traditional appearance which will go with all types of furnishing.

This traditional corner entertainment center has open and closed storage spaces. It has four open shelves in the middle with two drawers underneath and two shelves on each side. It gives you open storage to place your gaming systems or TV boxes and closed draws to put your things, which are only needed sometimes.

The open middle shelves are adjustable, so you can adjust them to the length you would like. Furthermore, the drawers have metal runners and a safety stop with a patented T-lock assembly system, offering safety and a stable firm place to put your TV and its components.

Cord management holes are at the back, so you can access the outlet without wires sticking out and causing harm. It is a heavy product, and you will need a helping hand to assemble it. This product is a classy Caroline Oak cabinet storage entertainment center you can get for your TV.


We decided to out in another oak entertainment center by Furinno because they have amazing style choices and products, which will lighten up and refresh your room.  Furinno ensures that its product is innovative, affordable, and of high-grade quality.

Furinno Turn-S-Tube TV entertainment is has a contemporary design.  Furinno manufactures this oak entertainment center using recycled PVS tubes and medium density composite wood engineered to hold heavyweight. They ensure consumers have a product that is long-lasting with enhanced durability.

The minimalist and homeliest design makes it flexible, and You can put it anywhere; no matter what the room setting is, it will fit pleasantly. It fits a TV up to 55 inches and has a holding capacity of 40lbs.

It has a wide shelf with is around 22.2″ wide and smaller triangular shelves on the side, giving you ample space to store loose items. The whole entertainment center is 15.7 inches in height, so ensure that this is the height you want as many who brought it complained it to be too short but did like the fact that they got what was said. Moreover, it is a green label product, so it’s not only good for you but is also good for the environment.

This Furinno Turn-S-Tube entertainment center comes in a French oak grey and seven other colors you can choose from if this is not what you want. It is an easy 10 minutes assembly, and you need no tools or face any hassle.  It is a great option for people on a budget.

13. Tangkula Modern Wood Storage Console

Are you looking for an oak TV console, with not just a stylish design but a lot of open storage also? If yes, then TANGKULA TV stands with a modern wood console entertainment center are for you.  Buyers have appreciated its sturdiness and stability, and many are happy with the fact that it is worth the money they spent.

This oak TV console has a fashionable and renovated construction.  It is strong structurally and corrosion, wear and deformation-resistant because it’s made using MDF Veener.  The MDF veneer makes the surface smooth, waterproof, and easy to clean while giving you an oak TV stand that can take up to 200lbs.  It has a large tabletop that is around 59 inches long and can accommodate a 60 inch TV easily.

The most liked feature is the large open storage space. It gives you eight open shelves, allowing you to put many things in and save you a lot of extra space.

The middle four shelves have a 22.5 inches length and a 6.5 inches height, while the side ones are much smaller and have a length of only 13.5 inches with the same height. You can adjust four shelves, moving them up or down to facilitate the placing of objects of various heights.  It also provides you with four large threading holes on the backside of the shelves to allow you to put your cables through it for easy access.

It has easy to assemble and comes with all the tools and hardware you would need. A sturdy MDF construction on a TV stand oak wood with many satisfied and happy customers is what gets a product to be in our list of the top 15 oak entertainment canter in 2021.

14. Iwell Mid-Century Boho Entertainment center

Who would not like a retro, mid-century rustic oak TV stand? Something that will look sensational, whether you put it in your living room, office, or bedroom.  If that catches your interest, then the Ewell Mid-century Bohot Tv stand would be something you would desire. It has a minimalist design, no matter whether you live in a compact place or not will fit anywhere. This honey oak TV stand is not only beautiful but has an eye-catching appearance, which you will not want to miss on.

A buyer will love the high-quality particle board material that guarantees to give you a long service life. Solid rubberwood makes the legs, and overall it has a smooth and meticulous finish, without the chemical smell or harm, and easy to clean.  It has a mid-century design, which will look great as furniture but also as an attractive home decoration. It comes in an astonishing rustic brown color, which will go with no matter what your room decor or color is.

No need to worry about your floors getting scratched when moving it or pushing it around as it has soft layers on its legs to protect your floor.  To give you the storage, it has two open shelves, with a hole made in the back for easy cable management and two cabinets with lovely small wooden handles.  It has a fresh, clean appearance.  The cabinets allow you to put clutter in them, so the outlook is organized.

You can display all your daily necessities for easy access and all your TV components without any worry. Many others have a minimal design, but they often look too plain or artless. However, this Iwell mid-century rustic oak Tv stand does have a minimal appearance but with a beautiful wooden structure, making it stylish at the same time.

15. Caffoz Wide Entertainment Center

A well-designed, sturdy entertainment center with enough storage space is what a person wants. This CAFFOZ entertainment center is rich in color and texture and will complement any interior design perfectly. Buyers that brought this furniture have high appreciated how great it looked in their room and adjusted quite well within the space.

They also say that it is one of the best light oak television stands they got. However, many have said that it takes two people to assemble and takes time when assembling it, even though the instructions and labeling are clear.

CAFFOZ made this oak entertainment center using a high-grade MDF with laminated oak brown wood grain feature and a powdered black coat finish. The wood grain finish makes it easy to maintain and clean while giving you an elegant design with a perfect height and functionality combination. You can fit a TV up to 65 inches. It has a compact look with a 60-inch width and 25-inch height.

The Caffoz entertainment center gives you all the extra storage you would want. It provides you with four open shelves and two cabinets with two shelves inside.  You can remove the middle shelf on the cabinet side if you want more space height-wise.

The two top shelves are wide enough to put your gaming consoles, TV box, or DVD player. It has a design which will look good whether you put a TV on it or you put it under a TV stand, in both cases, it will look stunning.

One of the features of the solid oak television stands that we did not just love but found useful also was the hole on each shelf on the back of the entertainment center for easy cable management. So, you can put any media component on any shelf without having to worry about where the wire will come out from and whether it will get in the way or look unorganized.

It has extra storage, strong, and sturdy metal construction with a high-quality board; doesn’t that sound like a perfect piece of furniture?


This rundown of the top oak entertainment center in 2021 offers helps its readers in buying a perfect entertainment center for their home. Why not read the reviews and descriptions before buying one and with a busy life, it is a timing consuming job to do that, so we made this list so you don’t have to take time in doing the research, you can look at the top ones and get the one most suited to you. Entertainment centers offer storage and a clean look to your TV space, so why waste time and get your spectacular oak entertainment center today.

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