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Best Cooler Master Keyboard Factors to Analyze Before Purchasing

We have made this guide for gamers that are on a budget and want the best Cooler Master Keyboard or the best Cooler Master Keyboard/mouse combo. In the course of the last few years, mechanical gaming keyboards have come into the market, as gamers play new games, and having the right keyboard has become important in playing and winning over enemies.

These innovations have become increasingly affordable, making us wonder what Cooler Master Keyboard has the best build quality, lighting, performance, and so on. We wanted to see which Cooler Master Keyboard will be the best one to use or buy.

Cooler Master Keyboard
Cooler Master Keyboard

Cooler Master Keyboard Factors to Consider

This guide has the best Cooler Master keyboards and keyboard combos that you can review before buying anything to regret later.

  • Membrane Cooler Master Keyboard: When you type quickly, membrane keyboards make very little or no sound. If you want to use a keyboard that you can use to travel or carry easily, then the Membrane will be the one that you want as it is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Mechanical Cooler Master Keyboard: When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the faster you type, the more sound you get. Mechanical keyboards are best if you are someone who uses them to type or play games a lot. The keys on mechanical keyboards are more precise and more responsive.
  • Appearance/Look: You will need a keyboard that is simple yet elegant because it will be on display. You can get something that is just plain, or you can get something with LED lights. It all depends on what feeling you want when you look at your office or the room in which you will set it, or how it looks when you carry it or travel with it.
  • Layout/Backlight: You have to see what type of keyboard keys there are and how many keys are there. Common keyboards have 88 to 101 keys. Some keyboards don’t have numbers on them, and some do, so you will go for the keyboard that you require. Just like that, the backlight, and whether you want it or not, is also very important. A backlight can be useful if you use it late at night in the dark or where there is less light. It might not seem like a big factor, but people often regret it after not thinking about the backlight.
  • Price:  Before buying a cooler master keyboard, you have to consider what your budget is and whether you want something that is durable and can be used for a long time so that if you don’t have a budget, you can start saving for it.
  • Connectivity and Interfaces:  You will want to decide whether you wish to buy a wired or a wireless or what types and number of interfaces a keyboard has that is the most suitable for you. Have to make sure that it is compatible with your systems and needs.
  • Additional Features: When buying a keyboard, you should look at the additional features you are getting, and is it worth that price. Like, wrist rests, LED or RGB lighting, USB ports, or if any other features or software to give you the best gaming or typing experience.
  • Compatibility: You have to make sure that the keyboard you are getting is compatible with the operating system you are using. You could want one that is compatible with not one but many systems like Windows and Mac so that you can use it with any at any time without having to buy a new one for each one.
  • Keyboard type:  Which type of keyboard do you want? Do you want a standard one, which has all the keys, or a Tenkeyless, which has no numeric keypad but the rest of the Compact one which has no navigation or numeric keypad?

Cooler Master Keyboard

Cooler Master keyboard for the finest gaming experience?

  • Cooler Master MK850
  • Cooler Master MK730
  • Cooler Master SK650
  • Cooler Master SK630
  • Cooler Master SK621
  • Cooler Master CK550
  • Cooler Master CK530
  • Cooler Master CK550
  • Cooler Master CK552
  • Cooler Master CK530
  • Cooler Master MS121
  • Cooler Master MS110
  • Cooler Master Masterkeys-PRO-L
  • Cooler Master Devastator 3

Cooler Master MK730

When it comes to Cooler Master Keyboards, the Cooler Master MK730 is a spectacular Tenkeyless (TKL) gaming Keyboard with outstanding innovations. The layout of the keyboard is simple but classy. This Mechanical Keyboard has sturdy and reliable features. It is substantial for people who have less desk space or for gamers that are traveling. It has many incredible features that guarantee success like it has a Cherry MX Switched for responsiveness, endurance, and tangible satisfaction.

The Cooler Master keyboard MK730 has an aluminum plate on top, with double-shot ABS keycaps and extra PBT keycaps.  The Cherry MX switches are good for 50 million keystrokes, and you can buy them in tactile, linear, or click.  The ‘6’ and ‘N’ key Rollover makes sure that when you press a key, it gets registered, no matter whether you type fast or slow.  It has RGB backlighting, with each key lit separately, which illustrates the keyboard making it much more impressive. It has 16.7 million colors in lighting effects that enclose the keyboard, adding ambiance. The keyboard has many lighting styles you can choose from without having to buy or install any software.  You can manage the lighting styles, profiles, and multimedia with the ‘FN’ key.

The MK730 Cooler Master keyboard has a magnetic, detachable wrist rest, which is comfortable for long uses and easy to attach and detach.  You can buy this keyboard with Cherry MX Blue, Red, or Brown switches. The keyboard has a tenkeyless design with a slender profile and hovering switches, making it smooth, different yet at the same time has simple enchantment.

Cooler Master CK550

The Cooler Master Keyboard CK550 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that delivers enough comfort for your gaming adventure.  Every key has full RGB lighting and an aluminum frame. The keyboard holds on-the-fly switches for lighting and macros, with a simple-to-use software app that lets you alter lighting, set macros, map keys, and make profiles.

The CK550 Cooler Master Keyboard has a black body with an aluminum frame finish, weighing 1.8 pounds, so not exactly lightweight. It is a keyboard that is full-size, so there is no space wasted, as the keys go right up to the border. Even though it has a dense design, the keyboard has a satisfying lift to it. To get a better typing angle, you can lift the back edge of the keyboard. It also has rubber surface feet to keep it in one place on your desk.  It may not have a lot of macro keys however, it does offer on-the-fly macro controls that you can select functions using the Cooler Master Portal software.

This Cooler Master Keyboard has bright, crisp RGB lighting, which shines through the characters on the keys.  Nine keys sit above the arrow keys, which are explicitly labeled with their primary and secondary functions to keep their understanding. You will get a booklet that will help you with diagrams to show you what different function keys mean. You do not get a wrist pad with it, however, you can get it as an extra, which will not attach but will sit in front of the keyboard.  Cooler Master has a Portal peripheral software that you can download to customize the CK552. The software is easy to understand and use. It lets you select or change the lighting effects, also it will let you remap keys, and you can save four different keyboard profiles, with 512kb of built-in memory, which means you can use the profiles anywhere you want.  It is the most affordable Cooler Master Keyboard you can buy.

Cooler Master MK850

If you are looking for a Master Cooler keyboard that has Aimpad technology, media keys, and precision wheels, with Cherry MX Red switches, then the MK850 is for you.  This keyboard has a set of analog keys that many competitors do not have, and you can only see in the Wooting series of keyboards.  This keyboard offers many high-end characteristics, including an RGB backlit LED. It might be high on the price for some, but if you have the budget or can save to that budget, then we would recommend this Cooler Master Keyboard.

The Cooler Master’s have made the MK850 edges using anodized aluminum, with high-quality production. The MK850 has awesome backlit LEDs that offer outstanding lighting animations. When you first look at the keyboard, it will look like a basic design, with a few game mode keys and the traditional set of media and light changing keys and precision wheels, so you can easily modify everything from volume to RGB effects.  It is Cherry MX, meaning it has swappable keys caps. The keyboard also comes with two additional USB connectors and gives you a delightful appreciative feel. You can use it as a normal or for FPS and RTS gaming keyboard. You can further update software and firmware by downloading the newest ones from the Cooler Master website, to open the full potential of your keyboard.

For analog control, the MK850 Cooler Master Keyboard includes an Aimpad technology. You can quickly and easily transit from a MOBA to FPS to a driving game with analog controls, located in the eight keys ‘QWER/ASDFW’; they do not replace the switches just included alongside them.  It also includes a removable cable and pressure-sensitive keys for your comfort and ease.  This Cooler Master Keyboard offers a sturdy alternative for you when you want to use a keyboard control but with the mouse directing precision.

Cooler Master SK-650

Frequent travelers are always looking for a keyboard that is light in weight, weighing only 670g, but also narrow enough to so that you can put it in your laptop back then Cooler Master Keyboard SK650 is the item you should purchase. This keyboard has all the trademark highlights Cooler Master Keyboard has, like on-the-fly controls and RGB backlighting, which you can change with the software download from their website. Like the other keyboards, with this one, you can also choose from 16.7 million colors and lighting modes.

The SK650 is remarkably thin because of its Cherry MX Low Profile Red switches. It is a low-profile keyboard that is charming and aesthetic, with a surface unique key feel, giving you all the comfort you need when typing. It is something that you would love to have at your desk and now anywhere you want by just putting it in your bag.  The Cherry MX Low Profiles Red switches are 40% faster, with a trigger action at 1.2mm, and a decreased travel and actuation interval between the extra-horizontal keycaps means you can type or gameplay with precision and quick, soundless motions on the different keys. The SK650 is much similar to the MK750 Master Cooler Keyboard, with aluminum outer edges.  The braided cable is detachable, so if your cable breaks, you don’t need to get a new keyboard, just a new cord.

SK650 is a mechanical keyboard, but that is a low profile, which means the keys are almost silent, so you disturb no one. This keyboard had no media keys, however, some keys do have secondary functions, and it had a volume roller, making you appear more superior. The keyboard has 16 built-in options, and twenty of you use the software for the type of effects you want. If you are worried about keeping it sturdy in one place, then you need not worry as it has rubber feet to hold it on to its place when you put it at any desk. The SK650 Cooler Master Keyboard is the best one for people traveling and who need a keyboard with them.

Cooler Master MS110 Gaming Combo

The Cooler Master Keyboard and Mouse combo MS110 is made especially for gaming. The keyboard has the entire signature Cooler Master Keyboard highlights, but with linear Mem-chemical keys to give you the extra response that membrane keys will not give you. The mouse that you get with this combo has an ambidextrous shape, built for right-handers, with a gaming optical sensor.  The MS110 is a combo you would not want to miss it is best for those gamers that wish to play on their laptops, easy to attach, and use.

The keyboard and mouse both are low-powered, which use a 2.0 USB port. The gaming mouse gives you the best performance without it costing too much. It has a pro-gaming grade visual sensor with an adaptable DPI up to 3200 so that no matter what game or in what technique you play, it is straightforward for you. It has a different inventive coating to give you long-lasting comfort, endurance, and ruggedness.

The Cooler Master Keyboard that you get in this combo has many functions like giving you 26 keys for anti-ghosting and a window lock to keep you locked into your game without disturbance, using function keys, without the need for extra software. The keyboard is not flashy or over the top, but it does have a sleek look with a timeless floating key design. The MS110 has specifically designed linear switches that you can get in pro-level standardized keyboards, which means that the membrane keyboard is tuned finely to assist you smoothly to win all gaming battles.

You get 6 RGB lighting and 3-zone RGB for you to choose from for the keyboard and mouse. The overall sleek design and convenient use make it easy for gamers to buy both things without having to look for a keyboard first and then a mouse. So if you are looking for a keyboard and mouse combo, then the Cooler Master Keyboard combo you should review.

Cooler Master Devastator 3

A combo of a keyboard and mouse can be harsh on your pocket, but the Cooler Master Devastator 3, is affordable with not-so-cheap quality. You could get better combos but, this one you can afford and get many similar functions to the expensive ones. You can choose from 7 different LED colors, blue, red, green, white, purple, yellow, and cyan for both the keyboard and the mouse. It gives you the option to choose a different color of the mouse to the keyboard, so they do not have to be the same.

The Cooler Master Keyboard that you get in this combo is half mechanical and half-membrane. It means you get a fundamental office and switch clicks feel, both in one. They use rubber under the keys the sensor push into and a switch for a certain amount of pressure.  The keyboard has been designed to last you some time and have sturdiness and give you lasting comfort.  It has a total of 104 keys and 6 multimedia keys on the top right side. To keep it in one place, it has four rubber feet under it.  The keys are laser-etched, grip coated for better feedback.

The mouse-like in the other combo has four DPI settings you can choose from, and it goes up to 2400. It has a couple of buttons for you to map with your thumb. The DPI is not a switch, but an LED for an easy control setting. The mouse material is not a cheap plastic one; it is a material that is everlasting. It also has two extra thumb buttons on its side, making it more useful than you would think. It is accurate, thanks to the PixArt optical sensor.

If you’re looking for no-nonsense software and an easy combo that you can plug and start to use, then this is the one for you. As there is no programming software and what you get is what you get. Easy on the pocket and with simple need functions, this Master Cooler Keyboard combo is affordable and enough for many gamers.

Cooler Master MS121 Gaming Combo

Entry-level gamers looking for a keyboard and mouse to start with can get this Cooler Master MS121 combo. This combo gives you a nice extra RGB and LED light feature for both the keyboard and mouse, also has FN multimedia keys and Window lock so that children do not mess with your settings or gaming when they are around.

The Cooler Master Keyboard has a sleek, elegant yet classic design and look, with a 3.8mm travel distance and 1.8mm actuation point. The keyboard has a tactile response, but not as loud as you would expect from mechanical keyboards. It has an anti-ghosting feature of 26 keys, making it great for ling-time gaming sessions. The keyboard did not have any wrist rest and had a pretty small footprint, but with time, you get used to it, and doesn’t cause as many problems as you would expect. You can lock the whole key functions or the Window functions through the FN keys, for more convenience around children.

The mouse is smaller than you would expect, but it is an ergonomic small claw grip, so you can rest your palm and use the mouse when playing intensive gamines with less effort. It gives a sharp grip, with a rubber wheel to scroll, and even though it was lightweight, it didn’t appear or resemble cheap. It has an OMROM of 10 Million enduring lifetime micro-switches and has a DPI adjustment of up to 3500 dpi.

If you are a gamer just starting and want to buy a gaming keyboard and mouse that is inexpensive for your start out, then this combo will not hurt you or your pocket.


The gaming market has a high rate of competition in the market, with many brands learning that there is profit in this market and launching new to new equipment for gamers ease. You can get from really expensive to really cheap products with all kinds of features that you may not even know that you needed. The Cooler Master Keyboard is simple yet elegant and made for gamers to afford them and enjoy their gameplay with much comfort and ease.  This guide gives you a review of some of the Cooler Master Keyboard/ combo that you can view or consider getting without regretting later on. The overall features are quite the same, but it offers designs that you may want or need, like the SK650 for travelers, or if you want a keyboard with a precision of the mouse, then the MK850 you can get. Lastly, we included a few combos for people interested in getting not just a keyboard but also a mouse.

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