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8 Best Cooler Master Case For PC in 2021

When building your gaming PC, the main detail is the PC case. Yes, you can buy a prebuilt gaming PC, but by creating your own means, you get to make one according to your preference and needs.

You can decide how big a motherboard you want to you, whether you want RGB lighting, what color, and factors like what can accommodate you the best. You would want something that is the perfect size, has cooling configurations, airflows, and lighting to start.

There is no case that you can say is the best as it depends on the best according to your needs, like if you want to have a Mini-ITX motherboard, then you will get a case that will support that.  If you want to see what other buyers are saying, then you can always read reviews and look at photos for more references.

Cooler Master Case
Cooler Master Case

Cooler Master Case

We have this guide for buyers who know and are interested in buying a Cooler Master Case. If you don’t know about Cooler Master, then let us give you an introduction to them. They are computer hardware manufacturers, founded in 1992, and are based in Taiwan.

The company is known for creating computer cases, power supplies, air, and liquid coolers, and many more computer accessories, like keyboards and mice. When it comes to Computer Cases, they have many choices from which you can choose. The most famous series of theirs is the MasterCase and MasterBox, where they have full towers, mid towers mini-towers, and mini ITX.

We have made this guide to give you information on some of their cases and their features, making it easy for you to buy a case that will full fill your need.  We have included different cases from different series, with distinct features and prices, so that you can choose the most adaptable and aesthetic Cooler Master Case.

MasterCase H500 ARGB
MasterCase H500 ARGB

1. MasterCase H500 ARGB 

The first product in our guide from the Cooler Master Mastercase series is the Cooler Master Case H500. It is for someone who is looking for premium features, with an attractive, sleek, and aesthetic design, and then the Mastercase H500 would be the one to purchase.

The Cooler Master Case H500 comes in an iron-grey color, and the material is a mixture of steel, plastic, and tempered glass. It is accessible to convey, has a prominent ARGB lighting system, and two 200mm ARGB fans with a controller for effortless access.

The Cooler Master case H500 has a concealed handle on the top panel, to give you effortless access when moving or transporting the case wherever you want, whether you wish to take it to a party or a gaming event. You get a choice of changing the front panel from transparent to mesh by removing eight screws that hold it, from edge-to-edge.

They give you an option of transparent glass for a sleek look and for you to get a see-through view of the engineering, or you can choose the mesh panel for more airflow, giving you an attractive case that you can use to build. The dimensions of the case, including the panels, are 525 x 228 x 502mm (LxWxH) and weigh only 14.1kg.

You don’t get one but two ARGB fans, both of which are 200mm fans. The large fans allow a high volume of air to move even at the lowest speed, and with less noise. The H500 also has airflow filter ventilation on the top panel, to give you extra thermal support for more cooling. It also has dust filters at the top, front and bottom. The Mastercase H500 has ARGB lighting that you can control using the motherboard, controller, or splitter to create a lighting system that you like.

You can control the lighting using a small size controller that you can use to control the LEDs and ARGB system. It already has 14 lighting options included that you can choose from. It supports a mini ITX, micro ATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards.

The Cooler Master Case H500 has immeasurable features, with a simple aesthetic look. It is not only affordable but is also very nicely built. The H500 case gives you an option to cover the PSU cables and effortlessly adapts to your building needs.

MasterCase SL600M
MasterCase SL600M

2. MasterCase SL600M 

If you’re looking for a case that would look not only great at home for games but also a workspace, then the Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M is for you. It offers professionalism and production while keeping noise reduction and substantial airflow.  It provides features that you can agree with and gives you a decent-looking aluminum case.

The Cooler Master case SL600M, mostly made from metal with just the left panel, which tempered glass. It has a plastic shroud at the front to allow air to flow freely into the case. You can arrange the top panel in three different positions; keep the mesh, raise it, or remove it altogether.  It consists of two contrasting colors of either silver aluminum or jet-black steel, making it pure yet engaging aesthetics.

It weighs 29.5lbs (13.4kg), which is heavy but all worth it if you are going to keep it in one place and not use it for travels of any means. It has the dimensions of 544 x 242 x 573mm (L x W x H). It also supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX motherboards (or which is 12″ x10.7″).  The SL600M doesn’t have any RGB LEDs but has a few subtle lights on the front panel.

This case also offers motion sensors that illuminated the USB port with a white LED when something comes close to it.

The Cooler Master Case SL600M has a vertical chimney effect, which uses the 200mm fans to take the air from the bottom and removes it from the top, giving the air a natural out-way direction. The case has a noise-reducing technology by making the panels in a way that restrains the noise from going to the person and also has fans that operate quietly.

You can mount an SSD, HDD, and a water pump on its handy brackets, which you can arrange behind the front panel or on the base of the radiator bracket. This Cooler Master Case allows you to rotate the PCI mounting window to 90 degrees, allowing you to use graphic cards straight or more clearly from the glass side panel.

If you wish for additional airflow support, then it has a mounting bracket underneath where you can use three fans that are 120mm or two that are 140mm or fans that are 200mm. You can also install a radiator that is up to 360mm long if you wish to use a liquid cooling system.

If you are looking for a case that has noise compression technology and thermal potency, then you should go for the MasterCase SL600M.

MasterCase H500M
MasterCase H500M

3. MasterCase H500M

The Cooler Master Case H500M from the MasterCase series has a subtle design with the material that is right for the case. It might seem expensive, but the more upgraded features like improved fans and controller board make it all worth it. You can adjust this case with many choices, and according to your needs.

It also gives you covers to not only store many things but also to make it easy to clean and hide if that’s what you want.

The MasterCase H500M has an iron-grey color and a body of steel with four panels that are glass tempered from edge to edge; the top, front, and both side panels giving you a transparent and complete view of the system inside.

When it comes to the front panel, you get a choice of having it glass tempered for aesthetics and looks, or you can change it to mesh for more enhanced airflow, with the accessories you get. The H500M gives you nine covers a more organized look and gives you the option of whether you want everything in sight for an appealing look or have everything hidden. The nine covers are for:

  1. The cable management
  2. CPU cut out
  3. PSU Cable
  4. PSU Cut Out
  5. PSU covering with SSD Mounting Support
  6. PSU covering with Water- pump Bracket
  7. SSD and Reservoir Mounting support
  8. 200mm Radiator
  9. Radiator Lid to cover thicker and longer radiators.

The dimensions of the Cooler Master Case are 544 x 542 x 242mm (L x H x W) and supports an E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboard. This case has adjustable graphics card support if you want to use a sizeable and lengthy graphics card. You can use up to 360mm radiators in the front panel and a 360 mm radiator with 200mm fans on the top bracket and lastly has a water pump bracket that attaches instantly on top of the PSU cover.

The H500M has two stylish 200mm RGB fans that are quiet and are controlled by an RGB controller, that you can control the lighting, and you can connect to the reset switch.

The Cooler Master MasterCase H500M is best for someone who is looking for a case that comes with a USB 3.1 C-Type port and four more 3.0 ports and HD audio support. It might seem expensive, but for the features that we have mentioned, and again we can say that it is all worth it.

4. MasterCase H100

If you are looking for a Cooler Master Case that is Mini-ITX sized and you can place in a small office or a room with less space, then the MasterCase H100 is convenient for you. It is small, compact, and easy on the pocket, with many nice features to go along with all that.

Like the other MasterCase Cases, even this one has a 200mm RGB fan, maybe not two, but it does have the one even though it is a Mini-ITX form factor. It has a compressed, efficient layout for the use of space in its dimensions. The dimension including, the protrusion, is 312mm x 216mm x 301mm (L x W x H) and weighs only 5.85 pounds, making it easy to carry and even when you travel. It further has a built-in handle for easy access when traveling.

The whole front panel and a part of the top panel is fine mesh, which efficiently helps the airflow, and filters out the dust. It might be compact, but it still supports a full-sized ATX power supply, making sure that you have efficient power to your system, without worrying.

The Mastercase H100 includes an RGB fan and lighting that you can manage with the RGB lighting controller. The design and framework of the H100 help with keeping the case clean and help in cleaning the case.

If you have less space in your hour or at your desk and want something that is compact and has great features then you should by the Cooler Master Case H100.

5. Masterbox TD500

The first Cooler Master Case from the Masterbox series that we have included in our guide is the Masterbox TD500. The Masterbox TD500 fits into the booster mainstream section with its appearances, glass side panel, and RGB fans. This case has a lot of simple touches that make this different from other cases.

You can choose from 2 colors; white and black. The top priority for the TD500 design is appearance, making it in our guide for someone that wants something that does what they want but also has prominent appearances.

The Masterbox TD500 has a framework that gives you not only essential airflow performance but has turned it into a structure of art with three mesh panels and a tempered glass side cut from crystal matrix. The crystalline glass doesn’t only give the case a superior appearance but also gives it strength and sturdiness.

The case has a three-dimension that is covered with mesh, giving the case high airflow and dust filtration. It gives you three pre-installed ARGB fans that brighten up every corner of its structure and provides the airflow that the system needs.

If you further want even more varied cooling, then you can add two 360 millimeter radiators and up to seven 120mm fans on the top and front panel.

The TD500 case weighs 6.95kg and has dimensions of 493 x 217 x 469mm, including the protrusions (L x W x H). It supports a Mini Itx, Micro ATX, SSI CEB, E-ATX (or 12″ x 10.7″), motherboard. This case gives you a lot of space so that all your standard ATX and Micro-ATX motherboard easily, all the while providing space for a 410mm graphic card, a 165mm CPU cooler, a 180mm PSU, and room for any upgrades that you would want. If you want a case that provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance and ambiance to your room, then the Masterbox TD500 is the one for you.

6. MasterBox Pro 5 RGB 

The Cooler Master Case; MasterBox Pro 5 RGB is an affordable case, with a great framework and Cooler Master’s most modern and exceptional design touches to accommodate people with no or less experience in setting a case. It is the most straightforward design that you can get, and you get full control of what you want and how you want things on the inside. It has an inherent and manageable layout for all elements and cables, making it more lenient for beginners to build and understand.

The MasterBox Pro 5 has a dimension of 500 x 223 x 475mm (L x W x H) and weighs 10.4kg. It can support a fan of 120mm on the rear side and 2, 120mm, or two 140mm fans on the front side of the case and a 360mm radiator at the front if you want liquid cooling. You get this case with three pre-installed RGB fans of 120 millimeters behind the front panel to give you an astounding RGB lighting effect and has dust filters on the front and bottom of the case.

The left panel has a 4mm thick grey color glass to give the case a unique look and a way to display what you have designed inside with style. It supports E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX motherboards.

This Master Cooler case includes an RGB connecter splitter and four male-to-male adapter pins that are compatible with ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI motherboards.

You can easily attach and adjust up to four 2.5 inch SSD mounts across the motherboard and on the back with the SSD bracket. Pro 5 gives you endless possibilities with an adequate place to fit in any compatible motherboard, an extra-long dual graphic card slot, and a storage mounting for DIY cooling.

The Cooler Master Case Pro 5, from the MasterBox series, is best if you are new to building, as this case is especially for beginners. This case has clear and simple multiple interior layouts that you can adjust and experiment with according to your desire.

7. MasterBox NR400

For someone who is looking for a case that is Micro-ATX and less on the pocket, then the Cooler Master Case: NR400 MasterBox, is the right one for you. It is inexpensive and included features like several storage drivers, supports full-size hard drives, and four SSDs. You can buy it with or without optical drive support and a bigger ATX if that is what you need.

The MasterBox NR400 is mostly steel, with a plastic front panel and a side panel made of tempered glass. The tempered glass panel is held collectively by thumbscrews of the back panel, which keeps the surface flat and clear.

It also has an embellished mesh design on the front panel, and ventilation is on the top panel for optimal thermal performance. You can buy the NR400 with or without ODD support, depending on whether you want a cleaner appearance or more cooling options on the top and front panels.

NR600 has the dimensions of 473 x 209 x 478 mm (HxWxD) and weighs only 6kg. It has a great amount of space to support up to 346mm graphic cards. It also has space for CPU coolers that are under 166mm and PSUs that are under 200mm. It supports one 25″, four 3.5″ HDDs, and four 2.5″ SSDs. It also offers a single four-pole headset jack for both audio and microphone inclinations in one and does not need two separate jacks.

This case also has noble quality rubber grommets, matched with 22mm of room behind the motherboard, offering enough space for cable management. Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX are the motherboards that this Cooler Master Case supports. The dust filters, located on the top and bottom of the case.

Buyers should be aware that the NR600 is a budget case, inexpensive, and may not have some of the features that you would want, but if you are looking for something in a budget that is easy to build, with useful features, then you should go for the MasterBox NR600.

8. MasterBox MB500

Looking for a case with a neat design, extra features like adjustable LED fans, and a beautiful interior design then the Cooler Master Case; MB500 from the MasterBox is for you. It not only offers so many features, and is not that expensive to purchase.

The MB500 supports up to three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans and up to 360mm radiator with a thickness of 50mm, without fans. One fan you can adjust at the back panel and two fans at the front panel, you get it with three pre-installed fans. This case can support:

  •   CPU-Cooler that has a height of 160mm
  •  A graphic card that is 40mm in length
  •  Power supplies with a length of 180mm

This Master Cooler Case has a semi-mesh front panel that features two different types of layers, providing fresh air to the system and all the while filtering out the dust. The one side of the panel is in tempered glass to give you a full view of the interior and show the beast that you create.

The three pre-installed fans have an ARGB lighting system and an ARG controller that allows you to set the fans and LED to your liking. The ARGB controller comes with 14 lightings that are already present, making it easy for you to switch from one to another by the touch of a button.

The MasterBox MB500 gives you a strong frame, with exceptional liquid-cooling aid and best storage capabilities. If the features are not enough, then let me tell you that the display is even more aesthetically delightful. As a buyer, if these features interest you then, the Cooler Master Case MB500 is the one you should consider.

Factors to consider before you buy a Cooler Master Case

  1. Size: The most important thing in a PC case is knowing what size you want because different size cases mean that they are compatible with different sizes of motherboards and features. You have to decide is what motherboard you will be using, and with that, you can decide the case size you want. You get four sizes in a case:
  • Full Tower Case: In which you can use any type from the largest to the smallest motherboard.
  • Mid-Tower Case: It can conveniently fit both ATX and MATX motherboards. This size is the most popular among the buyers.
  • Mini-Tower Case: This size is more compact and can not support a larger motherboard than MATX.
  • Mini-ITX case: This is the most compact and popular one. It has many restrictions and can only support Mini-ITX compatible elements. People who want a powerful gaming station use this case.
  1. Price: You have to set a budget or know your budget when buying a case because you would want the most features with less cost and wouldn’t want something expensive and not at all worth the buy, or something too cheap that the framework will fall apart.
  2. Know what parts you want in what size and what features you are most looking for in a Case.

Features to look for when buying a Cooler Master Case

  • Flexibility: You need to see how easy it is to modify a case that you buy and to what degree you can customize and upgrade it to your needs.
  • Cooling: You need to see whether the case has good airflow and how many fans and radiators is can support because a good airflow will mean the PC will run more efficiently without getting heated.
  • Noise: You need to consider how much noise the case will make with its fan and if it has technology or the design to keep the noise to a minimum.
  • Build Quality: You need to look at the structure, the sturdiness of it, and whether you are getting enough for the price you are paying. The things you need to look at are whether it offers any extra features, easy cable management, gives you more control or choices, and if it is convenient for you.
  • Aesthetics: If you are building something yourself, then you would want something that you can show off and have an appearance that is satisfying or pleasing to you. You need to see if it offers RGB lighting, a clean look, what color, and whether you will be able to show off your creation or not.
  • SATA Ports: You need to decide and get the case that supports the number of ports you need.
  • You need to see whether it supports your drive and power supply needs or not and get a case according to that.


There it is, our guide of the Cooler Master Case that you can buy and what features and factors you should consider before buying a PC Case. We have kept the two popular series: MasterCase and MasterBox, and choose the best Cooler Master Case you can buy from these series and a few others from Cooler Master.

The case you choose will not increase or improve your load time, storage, or memory your PC has it is important has it will hold all the components that you need in place and connect it and your PC. You don’t want to limit yourself when buying a case, that’s why the most important thing is first to make a list of the size of things you want so that when you get to buying a case you do not limit yourself.

Many manufacturers offer high-looking cases, but with very small features, limiting the buyer. That is why this guide will help you see the features of different Cooler Master Cases and the factors you need to consider before buying one.

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