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A Beginner’s Guide to Certified Mailing Options

A single Forever postage stamp is enough to get your small envelope delivered anywhere in the U.S.

But it’s not enough to track its location and guarantee its delivery. For that, you’ll need to send the envelope with certified mail.

Certified mailing is a type of postal service that provides customers with a higher degree of assurance that their mail has been delivered. Carriers handle the parcel or envelope with extra care, and the recipient can track the package online.

Businesses frequently use certified mail because its major benefit is security: With certified mail, customers can be sure that their correspondence has been delivered and scanned for any threats or malicious content.

Need a signature on delivery? Keep reading to learn more about certified mail.

Certified Mailing Carrier Options

In today’s digital age, the U.S. Postal Service is seeing a decline in physical mail service. To combat this, the USPS has been exploring new, more secure ways to deliver mail, including certified mail options.

The only way to send certified mail is through the USPS’s Certified Mail service. Other parcel delivery services offer some form of secure, signature-upon-receipt mail options, but the term “certified mail” is a licensed name the USPS has the sole right to use.

With this option, you can print a shipping label online and then drop your package off at a post office or mailbox. The USPS will then track your package and provide you with proof of delivery.

Certified Mail Tracking

When you mail something important, you want to know that it’s actually going to arrive at its destination.

After you’ve dropped your certified mail off at the post office, USPS scans the barcode and associates it with your mailing information. You’ll then be able to track the package online or by phone as it makes its way through the postal system. You’ll also be able to find out when and where the delivery took place.

Receiving Mail

When you send or receive certified mail, you’re guaranteed delivery confirmation and a signature from the recipient.

To send certified mail, you’ll need to purchase a Certified Mail sticker from the post office for $3.55, in addition to any regular postage fees, and affix it to your envelope or parcel.

When the recipient receives the mail, they must sign for it. If they refuse to sign, the postal carrier will leave a notice indicating the failed delivery.

Luckily, the postman doesn’t care who signs for the mail, as long as someone’s there to sign. Check out this detailed explanation for more info.

Secure Sending

Certified mailing is the most secure way of sending mail. Remember to always use certified mail if you need proof of delivery, and if you’re unsure about anything, be sure to ask the United States Postal Service for help. They’re more than happy to assist!

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