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Sydney Moss: Need to Know About Basketball Star Sydney Moss

Sydney Moss an Award-Winning Women’s Basketball Player

Have you heard of Sydney Moss? She’s a two-time WBCA award-winning basketball Player of the year and the NCAA DIII All-American and currently designated as the Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach for the 2019-20 season.

Sydney Moss has the honor of being called LeBron James of the Women’s Basketball. Yes, imagine being called LeBron James.

Do you want to know more about her, her family, her age, her career? If you do, then continue reading, get ready to know her, and become her fan.

Birth & Family

Sydney Moss was born to father Randy Moss, an American sports analyst and former professional football player, and mother, Libby Offutt.

She was born in 1994 on 6th March in Saint Albans, West Virginia, United States.

Sydney is the eldest of her three siblings, two brothers named Thaddeus and Montigo and a sister, Senali. Her brothers are football players, and her sister is also a basketball player.

Parents Split Up

Sydney’s parents, Randy and Libby, were high school sweethearts and loved each other very much. They had Sydney while in high school.

However, their love did not last. They started arguing, and in 1996, the couple has an insane argument that became physical. After a while, they went a separate way but in a hostile way.

Shortly after, in 2016, Libby got accused by Randy. Randy said she spent more than 4 million dollars on drugs and abandoned her children. The case went to court, and Libby got restricted to seeing her children. However, Libby defended herself.

Sydney mostly lived with her mother and her grandparents, Frank and Margaret Offutt. She has a complicated relationship with her father. They do not talk to each other, and he does not attend her games.

High School Highlights

Sydney went to Boone County High school, where she developed her interest in basketball after getting inspired by her father, Randy Moss.

At Boone County High School, she played for Nell Fookes and finished her prep career, earning five varsity letters.

She achieved the following things during her senior year (2012):

  • A year’s honor as a significant player for Kentucky.
  • A Gatorade Kentucky Girls Basketball Player of the year
  • The Associated Press Kentucky Player of the Year of 2012.
  • Also names Kentucky “Miss Basketball.”

She collected the following from shooting 53.6% from the field and 67% for a free throw line:

  • 2997 points (19.6 points per game)
  • 1602 rebounds (10.5 per game)
  • 323 steals
  • 315 assists
  • 136 blocks

Freshman Highlights

In 2012 after graduating from high school, she went to the University of Florida.

She took off her career in basketball and majored in communications.

She played Division I at the Univerity of Florida. She’s played in 37 Gators’ games, which included 24 starts.

She got the name All-Southeastern Conference Freshman Team in 2013.

In Florid’s five-game WNIT for the semifinals, she got:

  • 6 scoring
  • 0 rebounding
  • 0 assists
  • 1% field goal.

Sophomore Highlights

From 2013-2014, in her sophomore year, she won all three Divison III National Player of the year award and got names the WBCA Player of the year.

She scored 27.8 points per game, and she broke the single-game record of the NCCA Division III, scoring 63 points against Waynesburg University.

She also tied the single-season scoring of the NCAA Division III scoring, 891 points.

Junior Highlights

Sydney won three Division III National Player of the year award.

She got named the following of the year:

  • WBCA Player of the year
  • com player of the year
  • WomensDIII News player of the year
  • Presidents’ Athletic Conference player of the year

She also ranked in the top 100 in other five categories as:

  • Assists turn ratio was 2.29
  • 45th in field goal percentage
  • 46th in the three-point field goal percentage
  • 66th in double-double
  • 98th assists per game
  • Led her team in 7.6 rebounds per game
  • blocked 18 shots
  • Recorded 60 steals

She broke the NCAA all-division women and men’s tournament scoring record during the NCAA postseason by scoring 197 points in the Saints’ six NCAA tournament games.

Dating & Relationship

Sydney likes to keep her life private, especially when it comes to her relationships.

Who would not want to date a spectacular person like Sydney? So, it’s a surprise that she’s single.

There have been no sightings, talk, or any fling anyone has seen or heard about Sydney with anyone.

Moss does not use Instagram and has made it extremely hard to keep track of her private life.

The fact that she’s 26 with no fling or relationships has given rumors about her sexuality and whether she’s maybe gay. She does claim to be focusing on her career more than wanting to be in a relationship.

Leaving Basketball Career

Imagine having to let go of your carer after getting at such a height. Hard is it not?

Sydney had to make this tough decision. Sydney has lingering Knee injuries, which led to her knee surgeries.

However, regardless of her knee problem, she still pushed herself and trained two to three times a day.

If she has continued playing, she would have to take a double knee replacement by the age of 30.

After missing her WNBA tryout because of her knee, she let go of her basketball career.

She returned to West Virginia and wished to help young athletes, who do not get as much support.

After Leaving Her Basketball Career

After Sydney left her basketball career, she began her new career at sports information as a SID assistant.

Then in 2016, she joined A&A Saftey as a project managing intern. She also opened her SM Basketball Training firm.

Later that year, she became an assistant coach at the Siant Albans High School.

In August of 2018, she worked as an assistant Basketball coach for the University of Charleston till June 2019.

In 2019 Sydney Moss got appointed as the women’s basketball coach assistant at Thome More University.

Currently, she’s still working at this university.

Sydney has developed a passion for helping coaches and teachers to ensure children can achieve their dreams.

Sydney Moss is living an amazing life with so many achievements, and we wish her the best in the next part of her wanting to help children with scholarships and all the help she can provide.

Commonly Asked Questions By Their Fans

How old is Sydney Moss?

Sydney Moss was on in 1994, on 6th March. She is 26 years old.

Who is Sydney Moss’ Mother?

Libby Offutt is Sydney’s mother, and her father is Randy Moss. Her parents split up when she was young, and her grandfather Offutt became the make presence in her life.

Who is Randy Ross, and what is he to Sydney Moss?

Randy Gene Moss is the father of Sydney Moss. He is a former professional football player and an American sports analyst.

What is the net worth of Sydney Moss?

Sydney Moss has a $500 thousand net worth, while her father has a $25 million net worth.

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