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Archaeologists Uncover 1,600-Year-Old Mosaic in Israel

In Yavne, a city of Israel, archaeologists working there have discovered a 1,600-Year-Old mosaic that’s still well-preserved.

According to a government press release, which got released on Munday by Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the mosaic is from the Byzantine period (300-400 AD) and got found by archeologists uncovering a widespread industrial zone, which worked for various centuries.

Archaeologists Uncover 1,600-Year-Old Mosaic in Israel
Archaeologists Uncover 1,600-Year-Old Mosaic in Israel

According to their statement:

“The pavement might have been a part of a splendid residential building in a rich neighborhood nearby  the industrial zone.”

The IAA further added:

It is a beautiful multicolored pavement and has geometric motifs placed in a black rectangular frame covering it.

Elie Haddad, the IAA archaeologist, informed CNN:

“It’s the first time in Yavne that they discovered a colored mosaic floor.”

He further said how they found several coins in a closed space under it.

At first sight, the archaeologists thought the mosaic was simply white because of patina, which is a gloss or sheen that emerges on the surface due to age, was coating it for years. However, they were able to clean it using a special acid.

The IAA statement stated:

“To our amazement, a colorful mosaic carpet was unveiled, adorned with geometric motifs.”

Further, CNN got told by Haddad that it is not ordinary to discover such a mosaic in an industrial area, and it may be a sign that further diggings will unravel the residential buildings’ remains.

The mosaic got documented in the field. Then Experts from the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem treated and preserved the mosaic.

The mosaic will soon get put on for display in a square at Yavne, according to the statement.

The mosaic got found during a large digging project, which will further take a few years to finish, stated Haddad.

The team previously discovered the remains of antique wine presses and a warehouse of wine. Haddad further hopes that the digging could help discover more artifacts that will fill the first archeological museum in Yavne.

In a statement, Zvi Gur-Ari, Yavne’s mayor, said:

“Archaeological preservation and awareness of the past are important values in the life of the city of Yavne, which has a magnificent history….In an age of development and stimulated development in all fields of life, future generations should also be able to see how the city has evolved throughout history.”

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