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Almost Half Billion Facebook Users’ Information Posted on Hacking Websites

According to Experts Half a billion Facebook users’ information posted on hacking website

According to cybersecurity experts, around half a billion Facebook user’s information, like their phone number and email got hacked and posted on to a hacking website.

According to the CTO cyber intelligence company Hudson Rock, there are records showing that more than 32 million United States account, 11 million United Kingdom accounts, and 6 million Indian accounts got their information posted on to a hacking website.

Alon Gal, the CTO of cyber intelligence, said that detail like the user’s full name, birthday, email, address, location, number, and relation status got posted.

CNN was showed by the Hudson Rock the phone numbers of their senior staff that were in the database.

This got leaked by an insider of the news website.

Andy Stone, the Facebook spokesperson, informed CNN that this data was old and got reported already in 2019 and that they fixed this issue in August 2019.

However, they did not clear the air as to whether the affected users got notified by Facebook at that time or not.

Andy Stone further said:

In 2019, we removed people’s ability to directly find others using their phone number across both Facebook and Instagram – a function that could be exploited using sophisticated software code, to imitate Facebook and provide a phone number to find which users it belonged to.

Even though Facebook claims that data be from 2019, that data can still hold value to hackers and other cybercriminals where the basis of their work is identity theft.

Alon Gal from Hudson Rock to Twitter to let people know how data got sorted and how hackers post it on hacking sites making it easier for criminals to access it.

An ethical hacker and SocialProof Security CEO, Rachel Tobac stated to CNN:

 These are the pieces of data cyber criminals spend time searching for to perform social engineering attacks (a type of hacking) — but now they’re all in one place and easily accessible in this leak, which makes social engineering quicker and easier.

If you wish to check whether your information got leaked, you can do so using a third-party website:


However, this website only shows whether your email got stolen, and from the Facebook accounts that had their information stolen only 2.5 million emails were stolen.

Many are confused and not happy with the fact that if this did happen in 2019, then how come no one got informed?

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