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AirTag Might Provide The Bump Apple’s Need to Grow Lineup of Smaller Stuff

Apple has always gotten associated with huge ticket gadgets like iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.

However, when it comes to its revenue growth strategy, a major part gets played by Apple’s accessories like chargers, tablet keyboards, and cases.

The next accessory to win the market is AirTag.

AirTag is similar to a Tile-like Bluetooth that the user can attack to different items like laptops, car, wallet, or even keys and help you find it when you forget where you put it.

It has a small, circular, flat disc design with an installed powerful chip that people can use to find their items when you link it to Apple’s Find My App and works with Siri also.

This device got made of stainless steel.

Furthermore, it’s water and dust-resistant. It also has a speaker built-in that will play a sound for you to locate the AirTag attached to the lost item.

It has the same which that the iPhone 12 has which is the U1 chip that Apple created and it uses ultra-wideband technology.

Such trackers are not new devices, and Samsung, Sony, and Tile have made similar products.

However, the U1 chip that it has makes it more accurate in assuming at what distance and direction the item is.

It also operated with an expanded reality, where you will see an animation on your iPhone or iPad when the item is nearby.

It has gotten reported that AirTag has been in the works since 2019 when hidden pictures in the iOS 13 got discovered.

The price of each AirTag will be $29, or consumers can get four for $99, starting on 30th April.

If users want, they can spend more on leather accessories like luggage tags, bag charms, and so on from Hermès.

Like users could, with Apple Watch, you can get the AirTags engraved also.

The senior analyst at tech market research company, Canalys, Ben Staton, said:

“Apple accessories are very important from a business perspective because they tend to be high-margin products……So while accessories may not make headlines from a revenue perspective, they do have a particularly positive impact on profitability.”

The AirTag arrival means that the company is further expanding and locking users deeper in its ecosystem.

The director at tech Market advisory firm, ABI Research, David McQueen said:

“Although AirTags are probably going to be fairly low priced, they may help to grow revenue, and users may buy multiple tags for different scenarios, such as for a bag, bike or car keys…. t may also spark a rise in the manufacture of accessories to house the tags, such as a key fob, keychain or wrist strap.”

Consumers who are not buying expensive smartphone or tablet upgrades might want to spend money on things that cost less, like the AirTag.

Apple is smart for launching the device when people are finally starting to get out after the lockdown, so they might find this device useful.

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