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Affordable Mobile Phone Repair Service

You don’t need to worry about searching for a mobile phone repair in Dubai anymore! Because My Celcare JLT is at your service. We provide the best quality service to our customers.

Mobile Phone Repair Service

A modern lifestyle without modern gadgets sounds quite a hard life to live. Smartphones are so important these days due to the connectivity they provide.

Common Mobile Phone Problems

  • Cracked Screen
  • Lost Data
  • Camera Not Working
  • Apps Freezing
  • Rapid Battery Draining
  • Damaged Due To Water
  • Not Getting Charged
  • Touchscreen Not Working
  • Not Able To Backup The Data
  • Slow Speed
  • Bluetooth Issues
  • Ear Speaker Issue.

These are the Common Mobile Phone Problems. If you’re facing any of these issues, you can get your mobile Phone repaired from our mobile repair service in Dubai, UAE. We also make data recovery.

Nowadays, Computers are used in every sector of life, At the office, school, or for study purposes. Laptops play a significant role in our life nowadays.

It is hard to imagine our lives without computers. But what to do if your Computer suddenly starts acting up? Don’t panic! Because My Celcare Dubai is at your service.

Is your Computer Overheating, Becoming Slow, your Fan Not Working, Windows doesn’t Boot, or Frozen Screen? If your Computer is facing these problems, it needs a service.

The Computer’s cooling system gets blocked, and that’s when you need Computer Maintenance. We provide the most affordable computer repair services.

Students mainly use Tablets, which are easy to carry and use daily. Since tablets are portable, they are easy to take along for learning experiences that students document. My Celcare also provides tablet repair.

We deal with any problem with these devices.

  • iPhone Repair
  • iPad Repair
  • MacBook Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy Repair
  • HTC Phone Repair
  • OnePlus Repair
  • Huawei Phone Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Google Pixel Repair
  • Nokia Phone Repair
  • LG Phone Repair
  • BlackBerry Phone Repair
  • Sony Xperia Repair
  • Apple iMac Repair
  • Xiaomi
  • Computers.

Why Choose My Celcare JLT

We have over 12 years of experience in this field, and we can promise to give you the best service and fix your device. Our customers are the most important visitors to our premises.

We have a well-classified team of technicians who have been in this industry for years. They’ll diagnose the problem with your device, Look into the hardware and software issues and repair your Phone.

Regarding the prices, We’re known to have the most reasonable prices, which makes us the best mobile phone repair in Dubai. Prices depend on the model of the device.

We don’t compromise when it comes to the OEM parts. We also provide a warranty for any mobile phone repair. We also offer a free pick and drop delivery service for your device. We promise to give you the best Phone, tablet, and computer service.


You will choose My Celcare JLT to take care of your valuable device for many reasons. The most important thing is that you do not just want a repair. Furthermore, when you are not sure if the device can be fixed? No problem; come for a complimentary diagnosis to educate you on what is wrong with your device and tell you how long and how much it will cost to be fixed.

Broken Screen Repair

Did you drop your cellphone, and now your phone LCD screen is broken, shattered, or cracked? It will replace within a couple of hours.

Charging Port Repair

If your cell phone has an issue with the charging port, we can repair or replace it. It will be done within the same day.

Water Damage Repair

If your Mobile Phone fell in seawater, it was exposed to liquid or spilled water on your device. Our liquid damage fixes are 99.9%.

Micro Soldering Repair

Does the phone die and won’t come back to life? We can bring your cell phone back to life. We dive deeper inside the smartphone and can extensively repair the motherboard.

Back Panel Repair

If your Phone’s back cover is bent, broken, badly scratched, or you want to change color, inform us, and we will replace it for you within the same day.

Battery Replacement

Is your smartphone battery draining too quickly and not holding a charge for as long as it used to. New Battery will give your Mobile Phone a life. This repair comes with three months of warranty, and the job usually takes 30-45 Minutes.

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