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Best 65 Inch TV Stand with Mount

The bigger the TV screen, the better the viewing is the concept of many people when buying a large TV. Many wish to buy a large TV to get a cinema kind of experience from home; however, they are often put off by where they will put it and how.

However, that was the problem of the past, as now you have a TV stand with a mount. It is an excellent addition to your furniture, and no matter what size your TV is, you can easily find one that will be compatible with it. There are many designs, materials, features that one can choose from when looking for a 65 Inch TV Stand with Mount. For your ease in finding the perfect 65 inch TV stand with an integrated mount, we have put together a rundown of the top models in the market that consumers have loved, and surely you will too.

65 Inch TV Stand with Mount
65 Inch TV Stand with Mount

https://i.imgur.com/rIbVrmt.jpgThings to Consider Before Buying a 65 Inch TV Stand with Integrated Mount

  • Budget: You must decide how much you are willing to spend to buy a TV stand with amount. The budget limit makes it easy to find a product that has the features you would want while not spending too much.
  • TV Size: You should know your TV size and pick a TV stand with a mount according to that, so you can choose the one that will give the best viewing height you want.
  • VESA Bolt Pattern: You have to make sure you know what VESA Bolt pattern is on your TV, so you get the stand with a mount that will be compatible with it. You can either find out on the manual, call the manufacturer or measure it from the back of the TV yourself.
  • Material/Décor: You can get all types of TV stand with mount. Which means you can get one in metal, glass, or wood. You would most likely see your décor and get the TV mount with a stand that will go with it nicely and add a stylish yet different look to your room.
  • Storage: The last thing is whether you want storage with it or not. You need to decide whether you want lots of storage or enough that will have a small store where you can put all your TV components.

Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand With Mount

Have you heard about the Ameriwood Home Galaxy Company? Are you looking for a TV stand with a mount for 65 Inch TV from a respected company in that product field? If the answer is yes, then we would recommend you to look at the Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV stand with mount. Ameriwood Galaxy is the most respected company when it comes to TV stands with mounts, and their TV stands with plus drawers are a TV stand that has the largest capacity.

This Galaxy TV stand with mount and drawers has the capacity to handle a TV as large as 70-inch. It has a black glossy finish on a laminated practical board and metal that will go with any all color scheme and décor. It can hold up to 105lbs, and the dimensions of this contemporary design are 54.1″h x 42″w x 23.5″d. You will need another person with you to assemble this TV stand with mount. Do you also want a lot of storage space in your 65 inch TV stand with mount? Then no need to look further as this TV stand with mount has three shelves with a different width to give it a modern design and space for you to put your Media box, TV box, XBOX, or play station on. Furthermore, it has two storage drawers for you to put your DVD, CDs, and conceal any other clutter you may wish.

The Galaxy TV stand with mount and drawer does not only have a simple yet modern sleek design and easy to clean also. All you have to do is dust and wipe with a dry cloth, and if you need, you can use a damp cloth. It has great wire management at the center spine to keep your cables and cords out of sight and organized.


  • Strong and durable
  • Conceals cables and wires
  • Has two draws and a large storage capacity
  • Compatible with any TV up to 70-inches

FITUEYES Floor TV Stand With Swivel Mount

Do you wish to add a modern touch to your living room? Do you want a simple, black glass 65 inch TV stand with mount? The Fitueyes Floor TV stand with a swivel mount is the perfect product for you. It is sturdy, easy to assemble the product. It has a beautiful look and can go with all types of décor. This product is the perfect 65 inch TV stand with mount if you wish to add a classy touch to your room.

The Fitueyes floor TV stand with a swivel mount has a 3-tiers shelf. The shelves, made of tempered black glass, with the top shelf having an 8mm glass thickness and the bottom two having 5mm thickness. The capacity that the top shelf can hold is 55lbs, the middle one can hold up to 33lbs, and the bottom one can hold up to 44lbs. The shelves give you more than enough space and capacity to put all your TV, media, and gaming-related components on, without any problem. The weight capacity of the mount is 110lbs, and it is compatible with all TVs that fall between 100 x 100mm to 600 x 400mm VESA bolt pattern. You get a 45-degree swivel in each direction, which means you can view the TV easily from any side of the room.

This 65 inch TV stand with mount dimensions is 43.30 x 15.70 x 52.00 Inches (L x W x H) when assembled. A wire management system is in place to keep your wires out of sight. It has an easy-to-clean, robust, and care-for surface, which you can clean using a soft cloth. It has a durable, safe-to-use design that will last you years to come. Furthermore, it is easy to install, and you will get all the tools and hardware needed to assemble the TV stand with a mount.


  • Made of durable, black tempered glass.
  • Three-tier shelves
  • You can swivel 45 degrees in each direction.

Mount-It! MI-873 Black Rolling TV Cart

Want a 65 inch TV stand with an integrated mount, which you can effortlessly move around? Ever thought of having one clean entertainment center for your 65 Inch TV Stand with Mount that you can roll from one room to another or even push it to your porch? The Mount-It black rolling TV cart is what the product name is, a TV stand with the mount that you can roll, Intriguing right.

The Mount-It MI-873 65 TV stand with a mount for a 65 inch TV is perfect for schools, conferences, home, or trade show use. No need to spoil your wall by drilling holes for the TV mount. It has a beautiful black and white finish, and it is ever so easy to assemble. It is compatible with all TV that is between 32 to 70 inches and fits the VESA bolt pattern between 75 x 75mm to 600 x 400mm. The total height of the cart is 55 inches, from the top of the mount to the floor. The mount can support up to 88lbs. It has three glass shelves for you to carry all your AV types of equipment, laptops, cable boxes, and so on. The top two shelves have 5mm thickness and are 25.6 inches wide and 15.7 inches deep. The bottom shelves are 31.5 inches wide and 15.7 inches deep and have a thickness of 8mm. The rolling feature, made of heavy-duty 1.5 inches casters, so you can efficiently move it from room to room no matter whether it is on tiles, hardwood floor, or carpet.

The MI-873 has an integrated cable management system, which is an aluminum column that will store all the cables and cords, giving it an overall tidy look. This 65 inch TV stand with mount has a pure, simple look. It is sturdy and has the strength to hold your TV and its components firmly. You can move it around, even if it is just rotating it to face the other side. If you were looking for a mobile TV stand with a mount for 65 inch TVs, then we would suggest you check this product out.


  • Made with Aluminum alloy
  • Heavy-duty metal wheels
  • Easy to move around
  • Tempered glass shelves

5Rcom Wood Entertainment Center TV Stand  

Are you looking for not just a TV stand but a wood entertainment center that has a TV stand and a swivel mount? Want a product that can provide you as much storage place as possible and become one of your favorite furniture in your house? The 5Rcom Wood entertainment center TV stand is the one for you. It will not take a lot of space and provide you with features that you need, and you will get impressed.

The 5Rcom wood entertainment center TV stand can support all TV sizes that fall between 32 inches to 65 inches, and the mount can hold up to 75lbs. It is compatible with all types of TV brands that have the VESA bolt pattern, which falls between 100 x 100mm to 600 x 400mm. When assembled, the dimensions are 47-51” x 15.7” x 43.3” (H x W x L) and weigh 99lbs. This 65 inch TV stand with integrated mount, made using a mixture of tempered glass, metal, and particle boards.

For storage, it has two shelves; one made of wood and can hold up to 88lbs. The second is an adjustable glass shelf and can hold up to 22lbs. The adjustable glass shelf, you can remove or has three height levels you can adjust it to, giving you plenty of storage to put all your media components. Furthermore, it has wire management holed, which helps to keep your cords organized, easy to access and keep a tidy appearance.

If you worry that your 65 inch TV will fall off this entertainment center, then be assured that this will not happen, as it has safety screws that will lock your TV firmly in one place. You can adjust the mount from 46” to 51” from the floor and swivel the mount 35 degrees to both sides so you can view the TV from anywhere with comfort. If you want a 65 Inch TV Stand with Mount inches that can work as a wood entertainment center, then we recommend you look at this product.


  • Can swivel 35 degrees to left and right
  • Has adjustable feet for uneven ground
  • Sturdy design, which will go with any décor

IANIYA Swivel Floor TV Stand With Mount

Looking for a TV stand with mount for your 65 inch TV, which is sturdy, made of high quality, and easy to assemble? The Ianiya Swivel floor TV stand with mount is the one to buy. It has a unique look, with the middle shelf has a slightly less length. It gives a tilted alluring aspect, adding an exceptional ambiance to your room.

The Ianiya swivel 65 inch TV stand with mount is suitable for most TVs that are 65 inches. It will give you the most storage you need with three shelves, made of black tempered glass, with the guarantee that it is a safe, sturdy product. So, you do not have to worry that the glass shelves will break or fall into pieces on you. Each shelf can hold up to 33lbs. This floor TV stand with mount, you can swivel 30 degrees to the left and right by pivoting the unit, so if you have a kitchen that links to your living room and you are cooking, you can change the TV angle so you can see it from there. There are safety lock screws on the bracket that will hold your TV and prevent it from falling off or slipping away. The holding capacity of the mount is 88lbs. If you happen to live in a building where the floors are uneven, then no need to worry, as you can adjust the bottom legs to make it stand firmly and in one place evenly on uneven floors.

Furthermore, it has a 100 x 50 mm tube made of aluminum, which will hide your cables and give you a reliable cable management system. Lastly, you can adjust the height to three steps from 45 inches to 50 inches. This Ianiya floor TV stand with mount is ideal for you to put in any room, in your house or even your office. If you are looking for a TV stand with mount for 65 inch TV that will guarantee to give you strict quality with exceptional appearance, then this would be the one to consider.


  • Shelf, which ensures firmness with safety.
  • Two months guarantee
  • Strict high-quality

R MIRASON Corner Glass Swivel TV Stand With Mount

Want a 65inch TV stand with mount that can you can comfortably place in the corner of your room, and give you wide storage space, wide viewing angle range? The corner Glass swivel TV stands with mount from R Mirason is the one for you to buy. This product is perfect if you have a large corner space where you want to put your TV, as this will cover it nicely and with style.

R Mirason corner TV stand with mount is compatible with any TV that has the VESA bolt pattern, which falls between 100 x 100mm up to 600 x 400mm, whether it is plasma, LED, LCD, or curved TV. This 65-inch TV stand with mount has a smooth, awesome swivel with height adjustment features. You can swivel it 30 degrees in each direction, giving you a wide range of viewing angles to choose from and adjust the height that suits your seating height from 45 inches to 50 inches. When assembled, the dimensions are 41.3” x 16.9”x 50”. For storage, it gives you three shelves, made of high-quality safety tempered glass that will not attract rust, and is water-proof. The shelves have a smooth look surface and easy to clean. Furthermore, they provide you with an impressive storage amount for you to put all TV, media, and gaming components on.

This product is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware and easy to understand manual. It has holes that will help you organize your cables and hide them without using anything extra. If you are looking to add an elegant appearance with a modern piece of furniture, then we would recommend you look at this TV stand with a mount of 65 inches.


  • Wide storage space
  • Wide-range viewing angle

Whalen Xavier 3-in-1 TV Stand

The Whalen Xavier 3-in-1 TV stand has an exceptional design and construct. It is for someone who wants a 65 inch TV stand integrated with mount that is easy to put together and takes no more than 30 minutes to do so. It is a product that has good quality and is highly affordable. It will bring you value and add a stylish look to your room.

The Whalen Xavier gives you three stand display options to choose from. You can mount the TV to the wall and have the stand underneath it so it will act as a universal wall mount. If you want, you can have it as a floater mount, which means that it will be like any other TV stand on this list with a mount that attaches to the stand.

Lastly, you can have it as a console top so you can put the TV on the gantry without any mount. It gives you three options to choose from and choose the one that will suit not only your décor but your style, and if you get bored with one, then you can always change it without having to buy a whole new TV stand with mount. The mount, whether you choose to have it integrated onto the wall or TV stand, it has swivel capabilities, allowing you to move it 45 degrees to left or right. If you use the mount, then it can hold most TVs that are 70”, but if you decide to use it as a tabletop and place your TV on top of it, then it will support a TV up to 65”.

This 65 inch TV stand with mount gives you a contemporary design, which features clean lines, black and silver legs. It also has three storage shelves made using tempered glass to match all décor. You can store all your media, components, and gaming systems on it efficiently. Whether you want a modern look or a traditional look, you can achieve it all with this 3-in-1 stand.


  • Three Display options
  • Sleek console appearance
  • Great for TVs up to 70”


This list has many great selections of 65 inch TV stands with mount for you to choose from. This list has products that have many features and different designs. Whether you want a TV stand with large storage or one that will take less space, we have many different ones on this rundown. We would hope that you can find it on our list and add a unique, modern touch to your room.

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