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Best 55 Inch TV Stand with Mount

A TV stand with mount is a product that is very in these days. No matter whether you are a modern or a traditional kind of person, you soon realize that getting a TV stand with a mount for your TV is the best decision one can make. Whether it is a 24 inch TV or a 55 inch TV, there is a mount with a stand for each.

The list that we have compiled together is for people looking for a 55inch TV stand with mount. We have included many different and unique designs that will give you the storage, tilt, or swivel feature, and we have even included a mobile one.

You can buy a wooden one, a steel one or a glass one. You can get any kind you want that will go perfectly with your decor. We made this list to make it easy for you, so you do not have to waste time researching for the right one, as we have done all the research, and you will only have to pick one.

TV Stand With Mount
TV Stand With Mount

Walker Edison Wood 58” Console

Want a high-grade MDF with a laminate finish for a TV stands with mount for 55 inch TV? Have you heard of Walker Edison? They are leading furniture manufacturers who make furniture that is modern, stylish, and easy to assemble. If you have heard of them, or want a TV stand for your TV that is durable, easy to make, and will style to your room, then we would suggest you look at the Walker Edison Wood 58” console.

This black 55 inch TV stand with mount, constructed using a high-grade MDF with a laminated, smooth textured surface finish. Are you have been looking for an entertainment center that will give you a mix of traditional style with a rustic classic design look? Yes, then this will be the addition you would want in your room.

When it comes to storage, it has four shelves with two shelves on each side that you can adjust to adjust the height of the shelves to our liking. It has more than enough space for you to put all our media, TV, and gaming components. The dimensions of each shelf are 13” D x 15” W x 7.5” H and have 3” clearance under a cabinet. Furthermore, it has a cable management system on the back of each shelf, so you will not have to worry about the cables or wires getting tangled.

The TV panel can accommodate any TV up to 60”, and the TV mount can support up to 130 pounds. The console dimensions are 58” L x 16” W x 24” H. It has long-lasting construction, stability, and strength. You will not have to worry about the mount or the stand giving out on you. Moreover, it is easy to assemble. If you have been looking for a wooden black 55 inch TV stand with mount that looks simple yet amazing, then the Walker Edison Wood 58” console is for you.

Rfiver Universal Swivel Floor TV Stand

Rfiver is an exceptional company that manufactures many home entertainment accessories and office types of equipment, which have high-quality, are easy to use, and look pleasing. They make many TV stands and mounts, and tv stands with mount. If you are on a budget and want to buy a 55inch TV stand with mount that will take less space and is durable, then the Rfiver Universal Swivel Floor TV stand is the one to consider.

The Rfiver Universal Swivel has a stand made of heavy-duty steel and a thick wood base, which will be able to hold your TV firmly. The heavy-thick support means that you will not need to secure it to the wall and ruin your wall. The wood shelf base is dense and will hold it. As long as you tighten the bolts carefully, you will not have a problem with it falling apart or not being able to hold your TV.

It has two shelves, one made of metal, and the other made of wood. The Metal shelf has a height-adjustable feature, so you can adjust it out something on it that has a high height, like speakers or so. The Metal shelf has round cut corners for safety and to keep it strong. Furthermore, it has a loading capacity of 11lbs. The dimension of the metal shelf is 13.7” x 10.2”, and the wood shelf is 25.6” x 15.7”. The holding capacity of the wood shelf is 110lbs.

This TV with mount can easily accommodate any 55 inch TV comfortably, and the mount weight capacity is 110lbs. One of the wondrous features that this 55 inch TV stand with mount has is the three height adjustments you can make on three different parts of the stand:

  1. It has three levels you can choose from in the mounting bracket
  2. Eight steps to choose from in the metal pole support
  3. 24 levels to choose from to make the height adjustable from 44 inches to 56 inches.

All this will help you get a better view of the TV and help you not strain your neck. The Rfiver Universal floor stand is great for someone who wants a better viewing and something that will take less space.

GHEDA 3 Tier Glass TV Stand with Metal Frame

Want something easy to install, has a lot of storage, and will look great in your living room? Something made of glossy tempered glass.

That will go with any décor and look great anywhere you put it, including in the corner of your room. If these are the things you want or look for when buying a 55 inch TV stand with mount, then the Gheda 3 Tier Glass TV stand with metal frame is the one you should buy.

The Gheda 3 Tier Glass TV stand, made with a mixture of glass and metal, will give your room a sleek modern look. It will add style no matter where you put it, in your living room, gaming room, even in your office. The shelves, made of thick, black tempered glass, and the structure, made of solid, durable steel, makes the whole thing more stable, and on top of all that easy to clean. It has a well-designed structure, which will not be too heavy on your pocket either.

This 55 inch TV stand with mount has three shelves for you to store everything related to your TV on there. The top shelf has a loading capacity of 88lbs, while the bottom two has a loading capacity of 33lbs. The height of the bottom shelf to the middle shelf is 8.7”, and the height from the middle shelf to the top shelf is 9”.

The lengths are 43”, and the width is 15.7”. It gives you a lot of storage with enough loading capacity for you to put your Xbox, PS4, or anything like that without any worry.  It also has a plug line control, for you to keep your cables their organized and make it look all tidy.

The mounting bracket can hold any TV that weighs up to 110lbs and is up to 65 inches.  You can swivel it 45 degrees to the left or right for a better view of the TV, and you can adjust the height to ensure that it meets your TV extend and your TV can comfortably fit on it.

The bracket has fixed nails to keep everything firmly in place. If that is something you want or have a large space for where you want to put a TV stand with mount for 55 inch TV, then the Gheda 3 Tier Glass TV stand is the one to buy.

FITUEYES 3 Tiers Floor TV Stand with Tilt Mount

We do not know whether you have heard of Fitueyes not but let us tell you about it anyways. It is not just a manufacturer like many names on this list; it is, in fact, a brand.  They have a complete brand registration with the US Bureau of commodities and have sold their products on Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart. They offer the best quality when it comes to furniture, so we had to include the Fitueyes 3 tiers floor TV stand with mount.

This 55 inch TV stand with mount not only looks simple, and elegant, but it also will not take a lot of floor space either. It has a simple yet aesthetically pleasing looking wooden base with the stand post made of metal.

To ensure that you do not only get a stylish TV stand with mount but a reliable product, well- built and has a robust structure.  Instead of giving you a smooth wood texture, they decided to go with a faux wood with a bit of striation for the texture.  All in all, it will give you a great value of your money when it comes to nicely complementing your interior design.

It uses a walnut practical wooden board for the shelves. It has three shelves for your storage. The top and bottom shelves made using rectangular wood panels, and the middle is the same but smaller than the other two. However, it is large enough to hold your gaming system.

The weight load capacity for the top shelf is 88lbs; the middle one is 33lbs, and the bottom one is 55lbs. In the middle one, you have two heights that you can adjust it to, or if you wish, you can remove. It gives you enough storage to put any TV-related components or a decoration piece on it easily.

To keep it steady on uneven ground, it has bottom feet that you and slightly adjust.

This 55 inch TV stand with mount has an amazing swivel and tilt feature. It allows you to swivel the TV 30 degrees in both directions so you can view it from anywhere in your room.

Further, it has three adjustable hooks to adjust the height from 47.7 to 51.6 inches. It has The Fitueyes three tiers TV stand with mount has all the features and a design that a person would like in a TV stand with mount for 55 inch TV.


Ianiya has made a 55inch TV stand with mount, which not only made using high-quality material, but it’s sturdy and easy to assemble. The Ianiya TV stand with mount for 55 inch TV is perfect if you want something simple to put your TV on. It will not cost you a lot; in fact, it is in a conventional budget, with good storage for your media components. It is elegant and will add a simple ambiance touch to your room. Furthermore, it will complement any furniture you have.

Ianiya black glass TV stands with mount for 55 inch TV, which has a smooth glossy appearance.  Designed in a way that whether you put it next to a wall, in the corner of your living room, game room, or bedroom, it will look perfect and alluring. It is an IKEA style product where you will require no tools, and it’s easy, quick to assemble.

It has two shelves made of thick black tempered glass. Made sturdy to ensure that the consumer can use it safely and not worry about the glass breaking easily or anything like that. The shelves have a loading capacity of 88lbs. They have a length of 35.4 inches and a width of 13.4 inches.

The height difference between both the shelves is 13.7 inches. Further, it has cable management at the back that will not only keep your wires, cords organized but will also hide all the mess of the wires.

This Ianiya 55 inch TV stand has a mount that can hold up to 110lbs with a maximum VESA pattern of 400 x 400mm. It also has 45 degrees swivel function for the left and right side. Mount has a security screw design that will hold your TV firmly, so you do not have to worry about it falling or slipping in any way.

It also features height adjustments to ensure that you have a good view from where you are sitting. It is a simple design 55 inch TV stand with a mount that has the basic features. It is fit for someone who wants something simple.

GHEDA 4 Tier Glass TV Stand with Mount

Gheda 4 tier glass TV stand with mount is another Gheda product that we liked and thought should give it a mention. If you have a 55inch TV, but live in a compact place or an apartment and want something that has the storage you need while holding your TV and not take a lot of space, then this Gheda 4 Tier Glass 55 inch TV stand with mount is the one you should consider buying.

This 55 inch TV stand with mount, made with thick tempered glass. It has a simple, compact, and pleasing to look at the appearance. It will look exquisite in a compact place. It has an artistic, silky look and easy extremely easy to clean. It will add a touch of sophistication to your room décor.

The Gheda glass TV stand with mount has four shelves. The top shelf, made of a glass that has 0.24” and the other three, made of glass that has a thickness of 0.20”. The widths of the shelves are 13.1” and have a length of 23.6”. The top shelf has a loading capacity of 88lbs, and the other has a loading capacity of 33lbs.

The height difference between the top shelf and the second one is 9”, which the height between second/third and third/fourth is 7.3”. Surely, made for compact places, but it has more than enough space to put all your gaming systems, media components, and TV box on it.

The mount has a weight capacity of 110lbs and can hold a 55 inch TV easily and comfortably. You can rotate 45 degrees to the left or right. The mount has a special bracket lock design that will protect your TV from falling or slipping away. It is simple to assemble and easy to clean. It is the perfect 55 inch TV stand with mount for a compact living place.

VIVO Mobile TV Cart

VIVO is a USA based company that makes furniture for offices. They aim to sell products that are the solutions to daily problems that one might face in the office. However, that does not mean that the same things you cannot use at home.  They sell products that are comfortable and efficient to use and will keep their consumers happy.  That is why; we thought that we should add a mobile TV stand with mount.

A 55 inch TV stands with mount that you can move around easily, whether you keep it at our office or your home.

The VIVO mobile cart has an ideal, small yet exemplary design with a smooth black finish.  It has four rolling casters, which allow you to roll it anywhere you want or keep it station by locking it in one place. So if you are planning a BBQ and want to spend a pleasant time with your children outside, then you can roll your TV outside and watch a movie without any problem.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about tripping over the wires or the wires coming in the way when you roll the cart as it has internal cable management. This feature will keep your cables out of the way while giving it a clean, tidy look.

Now you’re probably thinking about where you will store any audio or video equipment. Well, that is not a problem. As it has a 19 x 11.5” shelf tray, which is spacious and sturdy enough to hold any component, you might want it to, keeping in mind that it is up to 10lbs. It has an amazing tilt feature, which allows you to tilt your viewing angle to a 15-degree tilt.

The cart can fit any TV up to 55 inches and is compatible with a VESA bolt pattern up to 600 x 400mm. If you have been looking for a mobile 55 inch TV stand with mount for your home or office, then we suggest you consider this VIVO Mobile Cart.


No matter what budget or TV size you have, you can easily find the right 55 inch TV with mount for yourself.  We would hope that our selection of TV stands with mounts for 55 inch TV has one that suited your liking. You should get one for the ease and also the style it adds to your room. You can put it in your living room, gaming room, or your office.

So, get one to stay modern and to ease your life.

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