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4 Tips for Onboarding Remote Software Developers

The world is constantly changing, and the practices that were used for hiring employees before are not as used today, which is expected since everyone’s goal is to improve continuously.

Onboarding Remote Software Developers

Hiring software developers has become a crucial task for many companies all across the globe, and it is often not an easy one. So if you want to ask professionals and hire the best software developers, you can search for a global talent network like Adeva to get the best possible options.

And when it comes to onboarding remote software developers, many companies still don’t pay enough attention and share the opinion that it isn’t an extremely valuable process, which of course, is not true.

Onboarding can bring many benefits for both sides, a stable and motivated developer from the first day at work for the company, and for the developers a significant amount of feeling they are at the right place and that somebody is standing behind them in every situation. It is a combination that suits well for both sides.

That is why here we will see 4 tips for how to onboard new remote software developers. So let’s start.

Make An Online Introduction

Even though they are not in one of your offices and they work remotely, it is still essential to introduce them to other employees and colleagues. This part is even more valuable for remote software developers since you shouldn’t leave them ‘in the dark because they are already physically not present.

So an online video call team meeting is a great way to start, letting them feel the vibe by being welcomed by other colleagues. We all felt alone when coming into a new working environment, and we all wanted someone to make us feel part of the team right away.

It doesn’t matter if it is a remote worker; they still have to work together with other colleagues, communicate, and get to know one another in order to achieve the best possible results. So it is best to start at the beginning and ‘break the ice’ to entirely focus on the things related to the working process.

Assign Them A Coding Task That Matters

Of course, this depends on whether the remote developer is an experienced one or someone who just entered the software development world, but you can still find a way to give them an early coding task that matters. This move shows that you value them and that you are serious about hiring them to work for your company.

It will bring a high level of motivation because the developer will see that you are the real deal by providing chances from the beginning. So you equip yourself with two benefits right away, you motivate your remote worker, and you will see whether they are the right choice for you as well.

If the developer has no experience at all, you can still give them a task that is important to a certain degree or assign someone to help and guide them through the process. But the most important thing is that you will see how serious they are and how they approach the task, and as for them, they will be delighted to see that the company is giving them a chance to prove what their qualities are.

Give Them Feedback Regularly

No matter if it is positive or negative feedback, it is best to give feedback regularly, once again, because it benefits both sides. You will get what you desire, and the employee will see that you watch closely what they do and how they approach things.

Feedback is highly important, especially when it comes to remote software developers. Of course, it is not easy to give feedback on video calls, but if you prepare well, there will be no problem. As long as you are honest and keep in mind that the goal is to improve, the remote developer will know that you have good intentions, which will motivate them even more.

Reaching Full Potential Takes Time

People often say patience is what moves things forward. And this is also true when onboarding a remote developer since you can not see their full potential right away. It takes time, and you are the one that has to give them that time.

If you believe that you made the right choice, you also have to believe that the developer will prove they are the right person for the job through time. You can not expect to see how good they are from the start because there is a process of adaptation.

But if you stand by them and give the proper support, you will see their full potential, and if you do it the right way, it most certainly won’t take long. You just have to be patient at the beginning, and you will see their best qualities pretty fast.

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