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Best 32 Inch TV Stand with Mount

In this day and age, there is no house that will not have a TV stand with mount. Whether it is 85″ inches or 32″ inches TV, every home is most likely to have a TV. Family and friends gather around to watch movies, sports games, or shows after a busy day or week at school, college, or work.

TV Stand with Mount

If you have a TV, then you probably want a stylish yet safe way to display your TV. You would desire to present it in a way that will accommodate not only your TV but go nicely with your room. So, if you live in a compact place, then you would want something that will take less place and offer storage for you to put your things. The best option for anyone that has a TV is to get a TV stand with mount.

TV Stand with Mount
TV Stand with Mount

DO you have a 32 Inch TV and are looking for a TV stand with mount? Well, no need to look any further, as we have made this list for you. We have chosen the best products, with the most ratings and good reviews, making it easy for you to buy a 32 inch TV stand with mount. You have to ensure that it is compatible with your TV by checking the VESA Pattern range.

What is VESA?

Vesa is the acronym for Video Electronics Standards Associations. The VESA organization attempts to keep one stand for all video electronics industries and ensure that throughout the electronics industry, the quality is constant. Many TV brands will follow the VESA hole pattern, which VESA came up with so that TV stands and mounts can meet the TV sets without any problems.

You would most likely get the measurement of the mounting holes or, in other words, the VESA pattern holes, written in the TV manual or box, and if you cannot find it, then you can find out by measuring the mounting holes that are on the back of your TV.

You can measure it by taking the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the mounting hole exemplar in millimeters.  Always ensure that the TV mounts or stand you are going to but has the VESA pattern that will be compatible with your TV.

PERESMITH Swivel Floor TV Stand /Base

Do you wish to put your TV in the corner, without drilling any holes in the wall? Whether it is a corner in your bedroom or your living room, the Peresmith swivel floor stands with the base will be the perfect TV mount with a stand for your 32 inch TV. It will take less -place and offer some storage for your media components. You will have to make sure that your TV VESA bolt pattern ranges from 100 x 100mm – 600 x 400mm.

This TV floor stands with a mount for 32 inch TV s compatible with all flat-panel and curved TVs from most companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, and so on.  It has a solid tempered glass base, and the pillar, made of steel, will provide all the support your TV will need to hold the TV firmly.

You can put any TV that will have the VESA bolt pattern within the range and can hold up to 99lbs TV weight.  You can conveniently swivel the TV stand 25 degrees to the left or right. If you have a problem with the viewing position height and suffer from neck strain because of that, well, you do not need to worry about that as this floor stand offers three mounting height options, giving you the freedom to choose the viewing height you find most comfortable.

No need for you to worry about the TV falling off or slipping as it has safety screw locks to provide the protection it needs to hold the TV firmly.  Furthermore, it has concealed cable management, so your TV area does not have wires hanging out, and everything will look clean and organized.

The feature that will attract most people is that it not only saves place, but it has shelves to put your essential TV components, DV players, or gaming systems. The top shelf is adjustable, and it has two height adjustments you can choose from and can hold up to 22 lbs. You can install it easily within 20 minutes and will come with a simple to follow instruction manual. This 32 inch TV stand with mount has a well-made, sleek design with steel construction that will ensure to protect it from your children and pets so that it does not get knock it over.

VIVO Mobile TV Display Stand

Are you living in an apartment or a one-story house? Do you wish that you had a TV in every room, but you cannot afford something like that? Well, we have the perfect product for you. In with you can mount your 32 inch TV and roll it to any room or place you want to in no time. It is the VIVO mobile TV display stand. It is perfect if you want something which will not mount to a wall or one place, and you can effortlessly move it around.

The VIVO mobile TV display stand has a durable universal TV mounting bracket design that will fit most 13” to 42” TVs. The TV should have a VESA pattern between 75 x 75mm and 200 x 200mm. The mounting bracket can hold up to 44lbs, made with a solid, tempered glass base and a steel pillar that will provide the support you TV will need and look good at the same time.

To allow you to view the TV better and from any side of the room, you can swivel the TV 30 degrees to the left and right.  Furthermore, it has a 1.5” thick pole in the center, which gives you 12 points of height adjustability, with the highest center telescoping height adjustment points with the maximum center screen height can be 52”.

It has a 20” x 18” base feature with four wheels that will guarantee to give you smooth mobility on carpet and hardwood floors. One may worry about it moving too much and not being to stay in one place well, no need to worry, as you can lock the front two wheels wherever you desire and make it stationary.

This 32 inch TV stand with mount is easy to install and will come will all the necessary hardware you will need to install and mount your TV. Vivo also offers a three-year manufacturer warranty, showing that they have faith in their product. The Vivo Mobile TV display stand made with a sturdy steel base and has a matte black finish. This TV stand with mount is best for people who wish to move their TV around from one room to another without any problem.

Sauder Deco Panel Stand

Are you looking for a stand with a mount for a 32 inch TV, which is not only stylish but also conventional? Do you want a stand with mount furniture that will add a modern touch to your décor and ambiance? If the answers to both the questions are yes, then we would recommend you check the Sauder Deco Panel Stand, designed in black color, making it go with all types of furniture.

The Sauder Deco Panel accommodates all TVs up to 42” that weigh 70lbs or less. When assembled, the length is 41”, the width is 20”, and the height is 22 inches. It has a modern design, which gives an illusion that it will topple over. It has a tempered glass top and shelves in black that not only makes it look sleek but makes it stand out and look aesthetically pleasing. It has three shelves, which are 40” wide: The top shelf is 14 deep and can hold up to 70lbs. While the second shelf is 16” deep, the last one is 18”.

The bottom two shelves can hold up to 30lbs. The distance between each shelf is about 9”, making it easy for you to put your TV components, game players, or any other accessories. Furthermore, it has floor levelers made from steel, so you can adjust it on uneven surfaces and not worry about its durability.

The Sauder Deco Panel TV stand has two holes that will manage and organize your cables or AV cords so that you get a clean, tidy look. If you are worried about the structure, then let us tell you that the overall construction, made of steel, so it is not durable but will hold firmly and not break on you. It is easy to assemble and only weighs 47 lbs.  Someone who is looking to buy a 32 inch TV stand with mount that is in black, sleek color, giving a modern touch to your room.

Hemudu Universal Floor TV Stand with Mount

When you live in a compact place or an apartment, it can be hard to make a lot of space to put a TV stand. One would want a place to put the TV that will give enough storage to put the TV components in, and that would hold a TV up to 42 inches.  The Hemudu Universal floor TV stand with mount is one of the best choices to buy for a compact place or even in your bedroom.

Firstly the necessary information, the Hemudu Universal 32inch TV stand with mount is compatible with the VESA pattern from 75 x 75mm to 200 x 200mm.

The mount can hold most brands TV, which is between 19” to 42”, including but not limited to brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Philips, LG, and many more. The product dimensions are 21.7 x 15 x 52.4 inches and weigh only 28 pounds. This 32 inch TV stand with mount has a smart, sleek design. It has a 10mm substantial tempered glass base, connected to a solid steel pillar to ensure that your TV has all the stable support it needs to hold firmly and sturdily in one place.

To further provide more stability, it has safety screws at the back of the steel panel, so you can lock it with strength and not worry about it falling or breaking.  It has a tilt function, which allows you to tit the TV -15 degrees to +10 degrees for better viewing and adjusting from light reflections. You can also swivel it 50 degrees to the left and right, allowing you to watch the TV from any seat with ease.

You might think that this TV stand with mount for 32” TV is like the Peresmith one we mentioned, but it isn’t and has many minor changes in the functions, like the tilt function, and instead of two shelves, this TV stand has three shelves. You will think about what difference one more rack makes, well let us tell you that we are not impressed by the addition of one more shelf.

We are in love with the fact that the top shelf made of steel, has many holes drilled into it for heat dissipation. So if your laptop gets heated while charging or your X box gets heated, then you can put it on that shelf, and it will help to release that heat. If that is something that you want, then we recommend this TV stand with mount of 32 inches.

PERLESMITH TV Portable Tripod Stand

Are you looking for a 32 inch TV stand with mount that is as simple as it can be and portable? Or are you a fan of tripods and want something with a design like that for your TV? If you do, then we recommend that you take a look at the Perlesmith portable TV tripod stand.  It does not look like a tripod; it is a tripod for your TV. It is a great piece of furniture for your gym room, or where you have your treadmill or even your bedroom.

The Perlesmith stand with mount for 32 inch TV is the simplest yet functional, stylish product you can get. You can put it anywhere in your house, at an outdoor concert, at parties, or use it in trade shows. It takes less space than any other stand with a mount on our list. It has a VESA range from 100 x 100mm to 400 x 400mm and is compatible with any 23” to 55” inch TV, which has a weight limit of 88lbs. You can fit flat and curved screen TVs.

You can fold the tripod stand and move it around easily, and anywhere, so if you’re thinking of having an outdoor movie plan with the kids, then no problem put the tripod TV stand outside and then away in the closet until the next time if that is what you want. It is easy to use, set up, transport, and takedown, making life easy. It can swivel 360 degrees, so no matter where you are, you can move the TV to your side and enjoy watching your show or movie from anywhere in the room.

However, if you are getting a doubt about its stability, then let us assure you that it has a secure base. It has safety pins to ensure that the TV will not fall or slip out of nowhere. The legs of the tripod and stand have bolts that lock things in place, so you don’t have to worry about your pets or children knocking the stand over.

The pole of this 32 inch TV stand with mount can be adjusted from 39.76” to 69.49”, and you can even tilt it ± 20 degrees for a better view of the TV.  If you are looking for a TV stand with mount for 32 inches that takes less place, is secure and easy to transport, or portable, then we would recommend you consider the Perlesmith TV tripod stand.

TAVR Wood TV Stand Storage Console

The final product in our list of 32 inch TVs stand with mount is for people who love wooden furniture. If you are someone that has wooden décor and is looking for a wooden TV stand with mount and thought we have forgotten about you, let us assure you we have not. So, if you are someone who is looking for a wooden TV stand with mount for your 32 inch TV, then we have the TAVR wood TV stand storage console for you.

The TAVR wood TV stand, you can out anywhere, including corners if you wish. It is compatible with any TV that is between 32” to 65” and will fit into any TV that has the VESA bolt pattern, which falls between 100 x 100mm and 400 x 400mm. It is suitable for many LCD, LED, OLED, QLED TVs, and also many old heavy ones. The TV stand dimensions are 43.3×15.7x (46-51) inch (LxWxH) and weigh around 55lbs.

You can adjust the mount to three adjustable heights from 46” to 51”, and you can swivel the mount to 35 degrees to the right and left. It has safety screws to ensure that the TV holds firmly, and you will not have to worry about it falling or slipping suddenly.  Moreover, it has legs that you can adjust slightly so that your TV stands evenly even on uneven floors.

Do you want something that will hide your messy cable and cords? The TAVR wood TV stand has a cable management system, which is a black tube that will hide all the messy cords and give an overall clean, tidy, and organized appearance. This 32 inch TV stand with mount, made of a beautiful oak practical board, has three shelves.

The top and bottom shelves are made of oak boards and have a capacity of 88lbs.

The middle shelf, made of glass, has a capacity of 22lbs. You can adjust the middle shelf to three different heights or remove it completely, if you wish to put something that has a high length, making it convenient to put all your media components, gaming systems or CDs, and DVDs. It is stable, reliable, and easy to clean. If you want a wooden stand, then this 32 inch TV stand with mount is the perfect one for you to buy.


When you get a TV stand with mount, you are not only adding more style to your décor, but you are saving space or adding more storage.

If you decide to get a TV stand with mount, then you will realize that it helps in getting a better view of the TV as you can adjust the height, tilt and swivel it, and all that will help you to watch TV for a prolonged period of time without straining your neck.

You should choose a 32inch TV stand with mount that is compatible with your TV and can quickly go to the area you want. For example, if you have a corner where you want to put your TV, then get a stand with a mount that can be put there easily without it looking out of place. You can find many different sizes when buying a stand with mount, and no matter what your budget is, you can find one that will suit your needs.

If you have a 32 inch TV, then we do hope that you found the one you were looking for from our list.

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