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15 Best Solid Wood TV Stand

Purchasing a solid wood TV stand is as important as buying the perfect TV. Purchasing anything can be a big decision, especially if it is something that will be the center of attraction and you will spend months or even years to come staring at it.

Solid Wood TV Stand

You need to invest time to look at the TV stands that suit you the most. However, let’s be honest who has the time? That is why we have created this buying guide to give you our review on the best 15 solid TV stands, so you will not have to waste time doing your research. All you will have to do is look through the list and buy the one you like.

When buying a TV stand, you would want something that adds to the beauty of your home. You would buy something that makes it not only cozier but also making it aesthetically pleasing. Why buy a solid wood TV stand? A wooden TV stand will give have similar functions to a glass TV stand. However, it will give your room a more traditional look, and it will be more durable. You will also be able to find a design and color that suits your room’s décor.

In the market, there are two types of wooden TV stands. One is a solid wood stand and one that gets made with chipboard. The main difference between them is you can expect the solid wood to be more on the price because it is a more natural and longer-lasting material. Chipboards TV stand often starts to chip and dent within a few months. Therefore, we decided to do our guide on solid wood stands. It will bring character and last you years to come.

Types of Solid Wood TV Stands

Did you know you can choose from three types of wood TV stands you can choose? They will have different functions. You can choose the one that appeals the most to you.

  1. Entertainment Center: This TV stand is larger than others. These get manufactured for people that need a TV stand to store their sound systems, gaming systems, or such things. Gamers and movie lovers will most likely benefit from this type of TV stand. If you plan to buy an entertainment system, you will have to keep in mind that it will take an entire wall. So, if you live in a compact place, this type of TV stand might not be the best for you.
  2. Console: This type has a simple rectangular design with a holistic shape. It will give you enough storage spaces, some have open or closed, and some have both. Such a TV stand is best for people living in a compact place.
  3. Floating Stands: Such TV stands get mounted to the wall and keep your floor space clear. They often get made from lightweight materials. It gives you open floor space and the option of having the TV put on the stand or mounted on top of the stand. It will save the floor space and give a clean look.

15 Best Solid Wood TV Stand

1. SimpliHome Artisan Solid Wood TV Stand

A solid pine wood TV stands with rich color and beautifully handcrafted is the SimpliHome Artisan solid Wood TV stand. If you are looking for a solid wood TV stand 60 to add a beautifully modern and sophisticated touch to your room, then this would be worth the purchase.

SimpliHome handcrafted this artisan-modern TV stand solid wood furniture using the finest quality of pine. They further finished it with an exceptional Russet brown stain and glaze finish with a protective NC lacquer to accentuate and highlight the uniqueness and appearance of each piece of this stand. You can choose from eight fabulous dark colors to get the one that will best go with your home décor. This solid pine wood TV stand will last you a long time to come and has a dense structure that will not cause any collapsing problems afterward.

When it comes to storage, you will be getting a mix of drawers, cabinets, and open shelving. This TV stand has two open shelves in the middle with cord management, for you to put your TV components like a TV box and the DVD player without a problem. It further has two drawers beneath the open shelves and side cabinets with glass doors on each side. You also get two adjustable shelves, which you can adjust to meet the height requirement of whatever you wish to put there. This TV stand will give you more than enough storage, without everything looking messy. No matter what you put in there, it will supply a clean appearance.

This beautiful solid wood TV stand 60 gives you a distinctive contemporary look. It will add elegance to your room. The small details like the slightly tapered legs and the rectangular antique knobs give it the touch it needs to become the most pleasing to look at furniture in your room.

2. Walker Edison Farmhouse Barn Fireplace TV Stand

Imagine having a TV stand that has farmhouse barn doors and a fireplace. The two extraordinary features that one would not want to miss out on. If that interests you, then the Walker Edison Farmhouse solid wood fireplace TV stands you will love.

This solid wood fireplace TV stand got constructed using solid wood. It gives you the stability and strength that you would want. Furthermore, it has a beautiful white oak finish. This solid wood white TV stand has a farmhouse finish that looks sleek and gives you olden-time vibes. However, no need to worry about the TV stand chipping away because it has a wooden structure, as that is not the case. This solid wood barn door TV stand has an actual wood appearance and not wood with white paint.

The one feature that many would love is the fireplace in the middle of the structure. This white solid wood TV stand has a fireplace, which gives an illusion of having a real fireplace. However, that is not where the feature ends. In fact, it heats around 400 square feet. It has two switches to let you choose whether you want the heat or not and what color LED flames you want. No need to worry about it calling an electrician because you can plug it into a simple unit, and there you go. You also get a side closed cabinet of the fireplace for you to put in all your components, and it has cable management features at the back, so no messy cords and wires tripping you over.

You would not want to miss out on this solid wood electric fireplace TV stand. Imagine a cold winter night, and you watch TV with a fire running below. You will not have to through the hassle of the whole construction of getting your fireplace when you can buy one with your TV stand. This Walker Edison Farmhouse solid wood fireplace TV stand is worth the buy.

3. Bonzy Home Glossy TV Stand

If you have a lot of space to spare and want a black solid wood TV stand with a modern touch and a sleek finish, then the Bonzy Home Glossy TV stand is one to buy. Most of the time, TV stands are more on the rustic side, and it’s not easy to find a modern type of TV stand that you can get in black and white.

The Bonzy modern TV stands solid wood constructed using a high-quality MDF board, a solid wood material that will give you a sturdy and solid TV stand. A plus point is that it is not that heavy, and no need to worry about assembling because it is easy to do. The construction has a glossy finish and precise lines, and an elegantly graceful appearance.  Furthermore, to spice things up, it even has an LED lights system built-in.  You can adjust the LED lights with a simple ON/OFF switch.

The modern TV stands solid wood gives you a lot of storage space, which has gotten structured to give you a mix of open and closed storage spaces. It has two drawers in the middle at the bottom of the TV stand. The drawers are easy to pull and enduring. We forgot to add that there are two glass shelves with RGB LED lights. Lastly, it has three open shelves.  It is easy to clean easy because of the smooth silk finish.  You can put books, CDs, decorations also and not only TV components.

Imagine this black solid wood TV stand in your living room while you watch your TV and the LED lights going on in the. Doesn’t it sound cozy and enlightening? This Bonxy Home Glossy solid wood low profile TV stand will look fabulous anywhere. However, if you live in a compact place, you will have to ensure you have space.

4. Pamari Wrangler Sliding Barn Door TV Stand

If you’re looking for a tall solid wood rustic TV stand with a farmhouse-styled constructed design, then the Pamari Wrangler TV stand is what you want to buy.  This solid wood barn door TV stand has a traditional countryside touch. IT is a beautiful, traditional-looking TV stand with four finished colors from which you can choose the one that suits your decor the most.

The Wrangler solid wood 60 inch TV stand has a rustic farmhouse outlook, and it’s a tall TV stand.  It has a perfect height for viewing TV, especially for someone laying down.  The most charming feature is the farmhouse barn doors, which do not open outwards; in fact, they glide smoothly on a metal railing system.  It gives you a choice of buying this rustic solid wood TV stand in Ashland Pine, off-white, Sargeant oak, and saw cut expresso.

If we talk about the storage system, then this solid pine wood TV stand is great for anyone who likes minimalistic storage. It has three shelves. The amazing feature that one would love is how you can hide the compartment you want, whether it is the side of the middle shelves. The sliding doors give you that option. You would not love to hide the messy sections when guests suddenly happen to come by.  Furthermore, this solid wood barn door TV stand has holes cut at the back for you to have easy access to plug your cords to the TV or outlets. So no wires mess or worrying about tripping over wires.

If you have children, then this rustic solid wood TV stand by Pamari is a great choice.  It is sturdy and will stay in one place, so if your child’s learning to walk, you will not have to worry about the TV falling over because your child used it as standing support. You will have to note that you will need a helping hand to assemble it, as it’s not a one-person job.

5. Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Ameriwood is not only known but also loved for its products. They ensure the consumers get furniture that is long-lasting and resolute.  One of the products that we had to add to our list is Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand.  If you want a solid wood TV stand 70 inches, then this product will for the sure interest you.

This best solid wood TV stand got manufactured using laminated particleboard with metal accents. You can get three beautiful finishes:  black, cherry, and gray oak. No matter which finishes you get, you will get modern, stylish, and perfect-looking TV stand solid wood furniture.  You can place it anywhere and even use it as a coffee table if you wanted.

Amriwood gives you many open and closed storage spaces in this solid wood tv stand 70 inches. It has two top open shelves with a holding capacity of 30lbs.  The middle shelves with a black finish have a holding capacity of around 20lbs. It further has two cabinets, one on each side, with a holding capacity of 10-15lbs.  This amazing TV stand not only gives you the best solid wood TV stand with lots of storage space but also gives you a lot of holding capacity. You can put all your gaming system, media components, and TV components without a problem.

This solid wood TV stand 70 inches will elevate your TV space while accommodating a TV up to 70 inches. It also has wire management holes to keep the wires tangle-free and out of the way.  If you have a lot of space to spare and want a large TV stand, then the Ameriwood Home Carson TV stand is worth the buy.

6. Pemberly Row Farmhouse Barn Door

Another solid wood barn door TV stand that we have on our list is the Pemberly Row Farmhouse Barn TV stand. Barn doors designed TV consoles are the trend nowadays because of their elegant overall appeal, and the combination of traditional, rustic, and modern makes it even more interesting. This one may have a similar design but a different structure to the one we mentioned before.

Pemberly Row crafted this solid wood TV stand 70 inches using a mixture of high-grade MDF, laminate, and metal.  It has gorgeous wood grain detailing and metal accents on the hinges and the handles, giving it a rustic and traditional appeal.  It adds a comfy and friendly addition to your room. If you have been looking for a TV stand that has that rustic touch, then this solid wood low-profile TV stand will be worth looking at.

This solid wood rustic TV stand gives you two cabinets with barn door-styled cabinet doors. It also has two middle open shelves. It has adjustable shelves, so you can remove them or adjust them to the height of your TV components. It also has cord management to hide away your codes and give a fresh, fine look.  You can hide the things you wish to hides, that can mean CDs, DVDs, and books, and showcase the things you wish to be in view.

When it comes to buying something contemporary, then this white solid wood TV stand would be a great choice. It has a minimal appearance, nothing too complicated, and it’s easy to assemble. You will not need help from an outsider when you can do it yourself, without any problem.

7. Walker Edison Tall Rustic Wood Fireplace TV Stand

We think it’s a given that if you want a cozy ambiance, then having a fireplace is essential.  Whether it’s movies or cartoons, the room that is the most snug will have a fireplace in it. However, not everyone can afford the construction of getting a fireplace made in their house or apartment. So why not buy a solid wood TV stand with a fireplace? The rustic solid wood TV stand with an electric fireplace from Walker Edison is a great buy.

This solid wood electric fireplace TV stand comes in seven beautiful colors and got constructed using a high-grade MDF. It has a durable finish that is laminated to give it extra smoothness and glossiness. It has a structure that will last you years to come, without it falling into pieces or getting all roughed up.

This rustic solid wood TV stand has a built-in fireplace illustration that also gives heat. It will heat up around 400 square feet, and you can choose how much heat you want to the color you want.  If you want only the illustration that you can switch the heat off and keep the picture going. It’s easy to assemble and will require no outside extra help. Furthermore, it has two open shelves and cabinets to give you the storage you need for your media components.

If you are looking for a piece of homey furniture then this Walker Edison solid wood fireplace TV stand will be the first choice. It will add a unique touch to your room and create a peaceful ambiance that one would want.

8. Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand With Mount

Do you wish to add a rustic wooden TV stand to your room? Are you looking for something that will not only look great in your room but also have a mount that can hold your TV stand and give it the extra support it needs? The Ameriwood Home Galaxy solid wood tv stand with mount is aesthetically pleasing and gives you a piece of stylish wooden furniture that you would not want to miss out on, something that is simple but gives you the extra useful features that make your life easy.

This Ameriwood Home Galaxy solid wood TV stand with mount got made using high-quality MDF with a mixture of metal for the mount and finished with a glossy lamination. It has an overall modern yet edge-cutting structure. It has metal TV holders that are long-lasting and sturdy to ensure that your TV does not fall over or crush the stand. Furthermore, it is easy to clean, all you have to do is wipe with a dry cloth, and if needed, you can use a damp cloth to give it a better clean.  For extra support, metal rods are leading to the mount to hold the TV firmly in place. This modern solid wood TV stand has a spine going through in the middle to hide and organize your cords.

For storage, this solid wood TV stand with mount gives you two simple large shelves, where you can put any component on it without any problem.  However, when it comes to assembling it, it’s a two-person job and will need someone to help you out.  A TV stand with amount is all the rage, and imagine a solid wood TV stand with a mount, where you will not have to worry about kids pushing the TV over, and you can adjust the mounting height to the viewing height that is perfect for you.

9. Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

Not everyone is lucky in having a fireplace in their house, whether it’s the living room or the bedroom. It’s expensive, and if you live in an apartment, hard to get constructed. That is why we decided to add another TV stand with a built-in fireplace. The Ameriwood Lumina fireplace TV stand has a sophisticated sublime touch that a person would want in their room.  By far, this solid wood TV stand with a fireplace has the most stunning lumina mode.

This black solid wood TV stand got manufactured using black laminated particleboard, hollow core, and MDF, which tempered glass shelves, which adds to the sleekness. You get the other structure made from wood, which adds to the furniture being the perfect one you can buy. The stand feet got made using metal to give them extra sturdy and steadiness. It has six tempered glass open shelves, nothing complicated. The glass shelves make it more aesthetically pleasing.

This modern TV stands solid wood has a contemporary style fireplace. The modern touch is how the fireplace has crystals and not the traditional logs, with soft blue background light.  It, not a fireplace animation; it actually gives heat. The heater has a 1400W that heats 400 square feet.  The amazing this is how it has a thermostat; you can choose the temperature you like the most.  It comes with remote control, using which you can change the flame brightness, turn the heat off and leave the fireplace picture up and set a timer.

This solid wood electric fireplace TV stand will add a beautiful ambiance to your room. Furthermore, you get lighted shelves.  The Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace is aesthetically pleasing and will add a soft touch to your room.

10. Sonax Fiji TV component Bench

If you’re looking to buy a beautiful black solid wood tv stand with class and sleekness, then the Sonax Fiji 60 Inch TV bench is one you would not want to miss out on. Sonax designed this solid TV stand to give consumers a stand that will hold the TV securely in place and give more than enough space to hold all and any components.

The structure of these solid wood tv trays with stand got made with sturdiness to provide your TV with all the support it needs. This solid wood low profile tv stand got created using strong wood material and has a rich black finish, providing a TV stand that not only looks good but will fit nicely anywhere you put it.  You can comfortably fit a TV stand that is up to 64 inches, and the flat top surface provides a safe space where you will not have to worry about the TV falling.

This solid wood TV stands with glass doors is 20 inches in height and 60 inches in length. It features three different columns with individual shelves to put all your components like media players, video games, and so on.  It also has tempered glass held by strong magnets, which gives you the option of putting it or not.  This solid wood tv stand with glass doors is easy t assemble, and the glass got made to last you a long time to come.

This solid wood TV tray with stand has an overall sleek and modern black finish. It’s a TV stand you would not regret buying, and it will go great with any decor that you may have. We can agree that black has a grace that no other color has.

11. Rockpoint Adonia Corner TV Stand

When you think of buying a 36” TV stand solid wood that is simple, efficient, and has a beautiful trim, what picture do you get in mind?  A perfect piece of furniture that you can put in the corner and will look great is the Rockpoint Adonia corner TV stand. This is a perfect solid wood TV corner stand that you can put it anywhere, even in corners, and it will look great. It has a minimal design and you can get it in four amazing colors.

The Rockpoint Adonia corner TV stand has a rich textured finish, which makes it different from other TV stands. The solid wood TV stand with glass doors has a hexagonal shape with a wide front and narrows going through the back. It got created using high-quality MDF durable laminated wood. You can get it in Barnwood, brown, dark chocolate, and driftwood color.

This corner TV stand has a total of four shelves with a cable route behind each of them. It has glass doors that hide the shelves. Even though it is simple, it is sturdy and resilient. It is a piece of furniture, which is minimal and you can choose to add color or anything you wish to make it more to your according.

This 36” TV stand solid wood has a compact and simple design. It is especially great if you live in a compact place, as it will look great no matter where you put it. You can put it in your bedroom, child’s room or living room. The Rockpoint Adonia TV stand solid wood will be a good buy for someone looking for a simple piece of furniture

12. Walker Edison Rustic TV stand

A beautiful white solid wood TV stand that has elegance and a beautiful outlook is the Rustic TV stand from Walker Edison. If you have a TV up to 70 inches then this TV stand will be the one to buy. It has a chic look and made to last you some years to come. No matter what your color décor is, as it will look nice with anything and everything.

This walker Edison 52 inch solid wood TV stand with drawers made of birch wood, has a simple, refined, and versatile look. It creates a rustic atmosphere and turns the room ambiance into something comfortable, cozy, and homey. It has a look that is pure yet classy and something you would not regret putting in your room.

It provides you with a unique type of storage space. It has one open shelf in the middle that is long. It has two center drawers with telescoping glides, for the easy to open and close, without it getting stuck. Lastly, it has two smaller cubic shelves on each side, for books, CDs and DVDs. No matter what you wish to store, it provides space for everything and anything.

If you want something that offers class then this Walker Edison 52-inch solid wood TV stand with drawers is something you do not want to miss out on. The clean and fine finish will make you fall in love with this best solid wood TV stand.

13. Crosley Furniture Corner TV Stand

Many often have a corner free and decide to put their TV there. If you’re looking for a corner TV stand with solid wood, in black color, then the Crosley Furniture Corner TV stand is one that you can consider. If you have a light color theme and want the same with your TV stand, then you will be happy to know that this spectacular TV stand comes in a white finish, with a mahogany top. Sounds amazing?

This corner TV stands solid wood got manufactured using hardwood and wood veneers. It is a sturdy piece of furniture with a transitional design and rich character details that will not only impress you but anyone who sees it.  It has been hand-rubbed and finished using multiple steps to give you a TV stand that has a glossy finish and will blend with any decor. The brushed nickel hardware adds the extra humph needed in the TV stand. This solid wood TV stand has a vintage, old feel, which adds comfort to a room.

Furthermore, with this solid woof 60 inch TV stand, you’re getting a combination of various storage spaces.  It has a middle open shelved with a drawer on each side. Below it has three cabinets. The middle cabinet has double doors made of glass, while the side cabinets have beautiful panel doors and an antique brass finish.  It gives you storage all around, so you have all the space you need to put your TV, media, and gaming components in and anything else you wish.

Overall this solid wood TV corner stand has a beautiful antique finish, which will put elegance to your whole room. It will leave all your guests in awe. The Crosley 60 inch TV stand is great for people who like antique-finished furniture.

14. Furinno Jaya Large Entertainment Stand

A beautifully designed solid wood TV stand that is large and has a sturdy structure that can bear the weight of the heaviest and biggest TVs. The Furinno Jaya Large TV stand is not only light on the pocket but has a look that will get people guessing the price. The cheap price doesn’t mean it has a cheap look.

This modern solid TV stand got made using E1 Grade composite wood and PVC tubes. It uses durable engineered wood and metal accents to create sturdy, sleek furniture for your TV.  The assembly will be time-consuming, but the final finished product will make it all worth the while. It has a beautiful black matt finish and not a glossy one like most have. It weighs 50lbs, which is not a lot, and comes with easy to assemble instruction.

Overall this modern solid wood TV stand has a lightweight design and will look great in any room. It has storage with two small cabinets and three open shelves. The feature that we like is how it has round corners so that if your feet bump into it you will not get injured or worry about your kids getting injured. It will look great and complement well with any furniture and décor.

This small TV unit has a compact size and is a friendly budget, without making it obvious. For a less expensive price, you will be getting a solid wood TV stand that is lightweight, compact, and looks amazing. If you happen to be on a budget then Furinno Jaya’s large TV stand is for you.

15. Usikey Mid-Century TV Console

A mid-century solid wood rustic TV stand that we could not miss out on writing about is the Usikey TV console.  This rustic solid wood TV stand is one that you get in a good price range with high-quality.  It guarantees to add to your room charmingly.  It will bring you comfort and add beautifully not only as a piece of furniture but also as a home decoration.

This 36” TV stand solid wood got manufactured using an environmentally certified particleboard which they guarantee will give you a long-lasting piece of furniture. The legs are made using solid pine wood and have a smooth, meticulous finish, without any chemical smell. You get a piece of environmentally friendly furniture that’s is easy to clean and durable. It is a low-level TV stand, which will keep your TV at eye level. Overall a finish that is eye-catching.

This solid wood low-profile TV stands as a storage space that makes everything look clean and fine. It has two long open shelves and one small side cabinet. It gives you the choice of concealing things you want hidden and place things you wish to get seen on the open shelves. You can store books, consoles, gaming systems, anything you would want.

This solid wood low-profile TV stand is durable and has a mid-century look, which makes it worth the buy. It will not take a lot of space and will look great no matter where you put it, without being too heavy on your pocket.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Solid Wood TV Stand

Before you make any purchase, ensure to consider the following features.


You need to measure the TV size and the floor space where you want to put the TV stand. You have to keep in mind doorways and beams. You would not want you or anyone bumping into the TV stand and getting injured. So measuring the dimensions of the place and getting the TV stand according to that is important. Like if you have a large space, then you wouldn’t mind getting a wide or lengthy TV stand, but if you live in a compact place, you would want to buy one according to that.


You will have to consider the style you want. That would include the color. You want something functional in the way that it holds your TV and all its components while matching your home decor. Yes, you will have to view the TV stand from an aesthetic view. So, whether your TV is on or not, the TV stand should have a happy appeal to it.  You need to consider cable management and whether you want open or closed storage space style or not.


An important factor to consider is the storage space within the TV stand. You would want a TV stand that has space to put all your TV components. If you have children, you want closed storage space like drawers and cabinets, and if you have lots of components, then you will need a TV stand that will provide you with enough storage. Nowadays, you can get a TV stand with cabinets, draws, and open shelves, all in one. Considering storage is important because that is what will give a clean and exquisite appearance.

Viewing Height

People often forget to consider the viewing height of the TV stand and later on get frustrated because of it.  The viewing height depends on how tall you are and low your sofa is. You will have to consider the screen dimensions of the TV also. Viewing height is the optimum height in which you will not strain your neck or back when watching TV for a short or long time.  So ensure you have an idea or the perfect viewing height that suits you.


We hope our list of the best 15 solid wood TV stands got you what you were looking for. This article got created to give you the best solid wood TV stands, which have great reviews and which you will not regret purchasing.

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