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15+ Best 123Movies Alternatives for free Streamings of Movies and TV & More

123Movies is a free online movie streaming service that also provides paid subscriptions. The website was launched in 2006 by Jagadish and Ashish Goyal. The site is a bit outdated, but it’s still popular. It is India’s first free streaming website, and it is also the first website to have content in Tamil, Hindi, and English. The website is currently the number 1 website in India. It was ranked as the most popular website in India by a survey done by Search Engine Watch.

It has over 100,000,000 active users per month. The site is also available on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phones.

What is 123Movies?

Surprisingly, the 123Movies site is a free website. The only thing you need to pay for is the premium subscription. It’s an online movie streaming website that offers free and paid subscriptions.

Immediately after the site’s launch, the site became very popular.

The website offers free movies in Hindi, Tamil, and English. The website is free to use. The website allows users to watch free movies on their PC, Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

How to Get Started with 123Movies?

The 123Movies app is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. Anyone can get it through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store as an iPhone app. 123Movies is an HTML5 website. It’s compatible with all devices.

‘Spider man no way home 123movies’, shang chi 123movies one of few titles that’re available for free online streaming or download for later.

123movies alternative : Unblocked, Mirror, and Proxy Sites to Watch Free Movies and TV Series Online

123Movies Alternatives
123Movies Alternatives

The content of many 123Movies websites is identical to that of their mirror sites. Websites like Netflix and many other free sites can also be used for movie streaming.

Most of the 123Movies alternative sites are no longer in the business of free movie streaming. However, they are still working as mirror sites.

We’ll talk 123Movies alternatives in this article. We will tell you about the best 123Movies mirror and proxy sites that are still working for movie streaming.

1. Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a great free streaming service. It is India’s most popular website. It has over 60,000,000 active users per month. It’s the most popular website in India.

Peacock TV is a free movie and television show streaming website based in India. It was launched in 2009 by Neeraj Pandey.

The website offers movies and TV shows in English, Hindi, and Tamil.

2. Tubi

The Tubi is also another popular TV show. Tubi is a free online movie and television show streaming service. The website is accessible in three languages: English, Hindi, and Tamil. On estimate, Tubi has over 3,000,000 active users per month. It has over 1,500,000 TV shows and over 2,000,000 movies.


XUMO is a website that offers free movies and TV shows. It’s one of the best 123Movies alternatives. The website offers free movies and TV shows in English, Hindi, and Tamil.

You can watch free movies and recently released TV series on this website without any hidden subscription or pop-up annoying ads.

4. Vudu

If you’re looking for an alternative to 123Movies, then the Vudu is one of the best options.

It’s the best site for downloading or watching TV shows and latest movies online. Its moniker alludes to the fact that it boasts the largest assortment of daily soap operas.

There are a variety of movies streamings to pick from, including dramas, biographies, comedies, action, anime and more.

5. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is a new site on the block. It does not have any ads, pop-ups, or other annoying features. Many free TV shows and movies can watch online if you take a tour through the website.

Check out Movie Updates on this site. New films are released every week in the US, so you’re bound to find a couple of new movies to watch.

This site has a large selection of movies, making it one of the few movie websites with a large collection.

You’ll find all this data on the page and lots more.

Don’t you have a specific movie in mind? One of the most comprehensive platforms for downloading movies is the MoviesJoy.

The features are simple to choose.

6. SolarMovie

Another free streaming service is SolarMovie. It’s a movie streaming website. Online movies and TV series are available. It’s a website for the free streaming of movies and TV shows.

SolarMovie is a website where you may stream movies online. It’s a website where you can watch your desired movies for free. The site includes a large selection of movies and television series. Movies and TV series from numerous genres are available.

7. PlutoTV

PlutoTV is a free streaming site for movies and TV shows. On this website, you can download or watch latest movies and TV episodes. Pluto TV is a free movie and TV show streaming service.

Pluto TV is a good option for watching movies online. There is a large selection of movies and TV shows available on Pluto TV for free.

8. Crackle

Sony Pictures fans will enjoy Crackle. You’ll find a wide range of movies and TV shows here.

It has an extensive library with many big-name companies to provide you with entertaining and informative content. Funimation, Sony Pictures, Universal, and many others.

Crackle is only available in the United States and Canada. It comes in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The service can be accessed through the Sony console. You can also use the services available on the other devices.

9. AZMovies

AZMovies is one of the world’s most popular websites of 123Movies Alternative. It is known for its high-quality streaming videos.

AZMovies is a collection of various websites, including 123Movies and AZMovies.

The site has a dark theme with lots of features for filtering movies by looks and design.

10. Soap2Day

Soap2Day is one of the greatest 123Movies alternative domains. It offers a large selection of free movies with high-definition graphics. It has the finest library of daily soap operas, as the name says. The site’s design is excellent. It’s simple to read and use. The website is designed to be simple to use and obtain information quickly.

11. YesMovies

YesMovies is an excellent site for those who want to watch movies online.

YesMovies is a simple movie streaming app designed to be used on both iOS and Android devices.

YesMovies shows pop-up ads after you reach the streaming page.

The content seems to be comparable with 123Movies in terms of quality.

12. WatchFree

WatchFree is a newbie to the world of online video content streaming. While it may not be as well-known as others, this website’s functionality and user experience are on top of the game. It still provides a lot of useful information. It has about 16,000 movies and latest TV shows in many genres, including action, adventure, science fiction, thrillers, and more.

The site has a clean look, but it does not have the same look as

WatchFree is a website that offers 2-3 unique servers for each movie, ensuring that the user has no troubles while streaming.

13. Vumoo

If you already have an excellent idea for a video, the website is a great place to start. You will find their database very helpful if you know the movie title you are looking for.

It’s one of the few free movie sites that doesn’t have any ads. There are a few advertisements, but they aren’t as annoying as pop-ups. You don’t have to provide your registration details to be able to use it. Your email address, credit card information, or name are not necessary. It is free if you type in “how to find an Amazon seller” in the search box and click “Search.”

There are no genres or ratings on this site, but you can click on a thumbnail to learn more about any movie you’re interested in.

On this site, you can watch high-quality movie streams without any cost. It doesn’t specify the quality of the video.

Video quality is not possible to know.

Amazon Video has one of the largest movie databases, with the newest and most popular movies and TV series. With an active customer service team, you’ll have the latest answers to your questions.

14. PopcornFlix

A website owned by Screen Media Ventures provides its customers with instant movies and TV shows streaming from their website, phone, or other devices.

Full-length movies and web series are available for ad-supported video streaming on PopcornFlix.

The site focuses on independent feature films, with many of them coming from Screen Media’s catalogue. Popcornflix is now available in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand to additional countries in the near future. Although the website is not yet complete, it will develop into something substantial over time.The user searching for a good movie will not find it on Popcornflix.

No matter how much content is available for training, everything is genuine.

When watching any video on Amazon, whether it’s a tutorial, an instructional video, or anything else, the streaming quality is always excellent.

However, the user experience of watching movies on Netflix is excellent.

Some movies have ads, but most are accessible or only show a few minutes of the film.

Any website’s movie streaming page may be reached with just one click, and the streaming service is excellent.

15. Putlocker

Many netizens consider Putlocker one of the leading 123Movies alternatives, and both sites have plenty of similar features.

Although both services are sleek, stylish, and simple, Netflix offers a darker color scheme while Amazon Prime Video has a light-ish green color scheme.

If you change your subscription to Putlocker, you’ll still feel comfortable. 123Movies is a great movie site too!

For some reason, the latter contains fewer ads than the former. It’s like they know how annoying ads are to us.

Putlocker has thousands of TV shows and movies, which you can access from any computer or mobile device anywhere. You’ll also find that the search box is in the middle of the homepage. Of course, this makes finding the content you want to watch much easier.

Putlocker streaming quality is top-notch. It’s an outstanding media player.

16. GoStream

When you’re watching movies online, GoStream is a good 123Movies alternative.

When you buy Go Stream, you’ll be blessed with options. Hollywood’s library of childhood classics, blockbusters, and film noir can be found in the stacks.

Movie buffs will find hundreds of movies to watch. You’ll always see something new at GoStream. Whether it’s a new category,

I’m not sure whether I want to choose something. The order can be sorted by the number of views, genre, and rank.

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