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Friday Memes- Start Your Weekend with 100 Funny Friday Memes

These humorous Friday memes will give you a well-deserved giggle to start your long-awaited weekend.

You can ask anyone from an employee to students about their favorite day of the week (Friday Memes), and most of them will happily say Friday. The fact is, as soon as Monday comes, one wishes for days to pass by so they can enjoy Friday, especially when you have had a hard week.

Friday, the best day of the week, but how do you spend it. Nonetheless, one still has to work on that day, so, do you party, or be asleep by 9 pm?

No matter, we have some Friday memes to help you get through your week and relate even more and get more excited.

Enjoy and Relate to the memes below and send them to family or friends who need them to get them through the week.

Table of Contents

Relatable Friday Memes

Smelling Friday on Thursday

Smelling Friday on Thursday

Have you ever got that happy feeling when you know that Friday is a day away? I don’t know about you, but I am exactly like this when it’s Thursday. Sounds weird but if you know, you know, Friday has a peaceful smell. Does it not?

Friday Bringing Wine

Friday Bringing Wine

Friday calls for wine. Friday arrives; wine arrives with it, simple!

Friday Face

Friday Face

Friday gets enjoyed so much and I always wondered if Friday had a face what it would be. Well, this face is it. It’s Friday looking at us, enjoying and tell us to enjoy also!

Rough Week But Friday

Rough Week…But Friday

Do you ever feel as drained as this chicken is feeling? A week can be so dreadful and long. But, you have Friday, the thankful day and, whether you believe God or not, you will say Thank God, IT’S Friday!

Is That Really Friday

Is That Really Friday?

The four workdays seem so long, Friday seems like something of a mirage. Are you like me, who starts dreaming about Friday by the evening of Monday? And as Friday comes closer, you forget and have to recheck or ask to make sure it’s Friday. “Is it really Friday tomorrow?”

Friday’s Here

Friday’s Here!!!!!

Is that just me every Friday morning or is everyone like that?



The Satisfaction you get for when Friday comes is exactly like this picture. You take a deep breath and relax and think TGIF.

High Five

High Five!

Nothing can upset you on Friday. You are happy, in the air, and wish to high-five everything and anyone that comes your way. Your happiness is hard to contain, is it not?

Drink Day or Friday

Drink Day or Friday?

Friday, the day your liver dreads but you welcome glass of wine or beer. It is a free pass for drinking for many, does that include you?

its Friday we work

It’s Friday Let’s “Work”

Is it just me, or do you also “work” on Fridays? Fridays bring a lazy cloud on everyone’s heads and work becomes quotation mark work! So, do you “work” on Friday or actually work on Friday?

i go deaf

I go Deaf

On a Friday, You simply do not care what anyone says, because you get excited about the weekend. So, when someone does say something. My brain literally goes “LALALALALA!” As its Friday! Are you the same?



Every Friday you leave work like this, without looking back and good-looking to every motha fuckaa, coming your way, as you get two days without having to see them.

Monday Face – Friday Face

Monday Face – Friday Face

Does your face be like this on a Monday? I know I feel like a zombie. However, on A Friday night, I become alive knowing I have the weekend ahead.

No More Fake Acting

No More Fake Acting

As the matter of fact is, we have to put on a happy, nice face each day at work, and when Friday comes, you know you can stop acting and become the bitch you are and stop being fake! (Is that too much or the truth?)

Someone Give Me a Medal

Someone Give Me a Medal

At times, there are weeks where you just wish to hurt anyone who comes your way, but you control yourself and keep it together. For weeks like that, you should get an award for having yourself composed. It’s worth a medal.



The amount of satisfaction one gets when it’s Friday and their payday is unexplainable. It’s like you’re up in the mountains in the fresh air and your heart does little dances. You get a weekend and money to spend, a great combination.



The excitement of when you have not only the weekend off but also Monday off because of the bank holiday. It gets you more excited than wishing for the Friday to come. You get a 3-day mini holiday. What else could a person ask for?

bye bye work

Bye-Bye Work

Do you leave work like this on a Friday knowing you have two days off ahead of you? That mini dance, I think we all have when we leave work on a Friday.

Friday night party night

Friday Night-Party Night?

Every Friday I think I am going to go out and party all night. However, when the day comes, that dog is the representation of me. A movie, food, and a glass of wine, my typical Friday.

Problems can wait till Monday

Problems Gotta Wait

We all got problems. However, each Friday, most of us leave all problems to Monday, in a sense that “I ain’t taking stress with me through the weekend, it gotta wait till Monday!”

Fresh Friday here i am

Fresh Friday Here I AM

If you get this reference, you’re an OG! However, Friday comes with a bang and you freshen yourself out to let it know your presence! You become fresher than any other workday.

Nice Version...Comes after 3pm

Nice Version…Comes after 3 pm

On a Friday the more closer home time is, the nicer I will be. Are you the same? Talk to me after the lunch break and I am nicer than you would have seen me throughout the week.

Another Week Gone

Another Week Gone!!!

The official day to thank Go for another work week gone is Friday! It’s a day where you think, “A work-week went and 2 more to go till payday!”

No Bothering Me Today

Not Bothering Me Today

Today is Friday, the weekend is coming, the last day of work, two-day off, and it’s Friday, so 5 reasons to not bother me or mess with me today.

Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Who says casual Friday has limits? This picture represents how I take casual Friday. Do your casual Fridays look like this also?

No One Said Ever

Have you ever heard anyone, especially teachers say they forgot it’s Friday? It’s a day everyone waits for no matter adult or child.

Friday is That You

Friday is That You

Did you just read this in a crying voice? This is me looking up to Friday. Yes, Is it really Friday today?

My Kinda Vibes

Friday night, for many, is party time, but for me personally is a night to wear comfy clothing, order some pizza and watch something on Netflix. A cozy night in.

It’s Friday Live a Little

It’s Friday Live a Little

Weekdays go by within a routine. However, Friday is your time to shine and live a little. (Depending on what little means for you!)

Leaving Work

Me leaving work on a Friday, thinking they might call me back. “Need to reach home As soon as I can!”

Another Perfect Representation

Another perfect representation showing how ecstatic one is when they leave work on a Friday, knowing they go two days off!

Weekend is Loading

The day the weekend gets fully loaded to enjoy is Friday! It’s the last waiting day for the weekend. Is it like that for you? Does Friday mean Weekend has loaded for you?

Is it Friday Yet?

Monday: Me: “When will it be Friday? I can’t wait for Friday!”

Friday: Me: IT’S FRIDAY!

Speeding Ticket… Every Friday!

When you go home on a Friday, you just see the destination of your house and you speed through to reach home. Limit Speed id 50 but you go to 197 to reach home as soon as possible. Is that you every Friday trying to reach home?

Wrap it up

Every Friday I try wrapping everything I can so I can spend the weekend without any worry. A perfect representation especially for work-at-home people.

Do I Know You?
Do I Know You?

Do I Know You?

The weekend for me is for my family and friends, no colleagues. So if I see you and you work with me… I am for sure gonna ignore you like I don’t know you because I need a break from you and seeing you 5 days a week.

Friday = Sweats Day

Friday for me is sweats day. Do you like me to wait all week for Friday just so you can put on your sweats and chill?

Let the Mischievousness Begin

“Let all the shenanigans, mischievousness, and nonsense activities begin!”

I’m Gonna Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

Every time it’s Friday, in the morning you be thinking you will party like no tomorrow and spend the night partying. However, every night, you will usually be in your sweats and asleep by 8 pm. Is this you, or do you actually party?

Pourable Dinner Every Friday!

What to eat for dinner on a Friday night? Wine, Beer, Martini, or anything with alcohol to forget the dreadful week you have been through. Every Friday I want dinner that is pourable.

I Have no Idea How I Survived

Do you ever get to Friday and think “how on earth did I survive this week?” By the end of the week I know I’m a skeleton with no will to live, are you?

A Chill Day Before Crazy 2-Days

Friday is the official chill day, meaning you chill out, let your body relax, just so you can get recharged for the weekend craziness.

Is it not Friday?
Is it not Friday?

Is it not Friday?

Thursday me thinking it’s Friday: Yes it’s Friday!!!

Getting to know it’s actually Thursday:…… (Minion representation)

No Bullshit Friday

I’m feeling good because it’s Friday. Therefore, keep your bullshit to yourself…Because I want none!

Friday Feels
Friday Feels

Friday Feels

That’s my face and feelings on Friday. Does this represent your Friday feels?

It’s Not Friday Face

Is your face like this every day of the week except Friday? I know that is my face Monday to Thursday.

Couples Friday Night

Couples’ night out, or date nights on Fridays? No, I don’t think so. Let us just get our PJs on and cuddle to sleep? Is that your kind of a couple of Friday nights?

yaaa its friday baby
yaaa it’s friday baby

Friday Baby

Let me just make it clear “IT’S FRIDAY BABY!” Nothing more can get said!

Can it be Monday already?

I have never heard someone say something like that. Have you? If you ever say something like this, then we cannot be friends!

You, this person?

Are you this kind of person? Does this meme describe you? Or Do you know a person like this? This meme is literally me, without a doubt.


I don’t know about you but for me, a synonym for Friday is “boom shakalaka.” Not the songs Boom Shaka Laka, the slang word boom Shakalaka.  Does this synonym also describe your Friday?

If Only…

I know my love for Friday is so much, that if it would have been a person I would have kissed it without any hesitation, would you?

Rolling Time!

This is the perfect representation of me and my friends rolling out on a Friday, with so much happiness and excitement. The excitement can get seen as we look forward to the weekend, is that your excitement, also?

Enough of This Week!

I have had weeks where I have just hand enough, and I will be on the edge with hair standing on my ends, like this poor monkey. Have you had weeks like this also, where you are like this monkey by Friday?

Can I Get An Amen?

Have you ever wanted to yell “AMEN FOR FRIDAY?” I don’t know about you, but I have had days where I wanted to yell Amen for it being Friday and tell people to yell it with me because a week gets done.

Happy Dance?

There have been Fridays where I have been so festive that I could not contain my glee and needed to do a little dance. Have you ever done the festive Friday dance?

I’m Coming Weekend

Now that Friday is here, I have my arms wide open for the weekend. I am ready to hug the weekend and not let it go. Do you have your arms open for the weekend?

Friday Smiles

Is this your Friday smile? I know it is for sure mine. I have this smile on as soon as it’s after lunch on a Friday because I know I have a few hours to go before I go home and chill for the next two days.


Here is a toast for everyone who has had a WTF week and survived it!

Tell Yourself…Go Ahead

Why is this me telling myself, I am going to party, have fun, watch movies all night and have a feast and not be asleep. However, I am always asleep by 8:30 pm on Fridays, no matter how hard I try… Are you?

Mind on Monday, but it’s Friday?

I hate those Fridays where you can’t enjoy that day enough because you have work to get done on Monday. You simply have Monday lurking over in a corner of your brain on a Friday. Have you had that feeling or is it just me?

Finally Friday

Have you wanted it to be the weekend since Monday? I know I have been waiting and wanting the weekend to come since Monday!

Highnesses Friday!

“It’s Friday, my day to be the Highness, now then, where is my coffee!” Totally forgetting I got to get up and make it myself!

Friday…Praise da Lord’s Day!

Again, Friday, a day Lord created to get praised and loved for this day. I know I praise the Lord on a Friday more than I do on any other day. Do you?

Is it only me?

For me, everything on a Friday feels and tastes much better, including coffee. Is that weird, or do you know what I am talking about?

A Monday Snap & A Friday Snap

These pictures fit perfectly with how my face is on a Monday, and how it is on a Friday. Can you also relate to these pictures?

What a life a dog has!

Dogs are ever so lucky! We have to wait 4 days for Friday and the weekend, but for them, every day is the weekend. They have to worry about nothing. Don’t you ever wish you could be like them or have a life like them?

Love for Friday Described

We all know the love Kanye has for Kanye is unconditional and unexplainable. For me, that is my love for Friday. Do you love Friday like Kanye loves Kanye?

I Want No Breaks From You

Friday got to learn I miss it and hate the breaks we take from one another. I just feel great when Friday comes. Do you miss Fridays?

Release from Jail?

I count my days and think to myself how many days are left till Friday, much similar to how one is when they are in jail and counting down their days. Finally, Friday comes, and it’s freedom! Am I crazy for thinking like this, or are you also like me?

Friday= Appearance Day

For me personally, Friday is not to work, but just to make appearances. Friday gets me lazy and I have to go to work (you know for my pay and all) but normally I would just make the appearance and not work. Do you work on Fridays or only make appearances?


Why can Monday and Friday not be as close to each other as possible from both ways? I hate that Monday comes faster than Friday! Don’t you?

Halfway Through the Week

Every week on Wednesday I have the same thought of why Friday is not here yet and still so far. It’s like the week is going slow, real slow. Have you had those weeks?

My Favorite ‘F’ Word

You know my First Favorite “F” word, after the (you know) actual “F” word, what is our favorite “F” word?

Freaky Fridays

I get freaky, crazy on Fridays, and post the needed “Throwback Thursday” picture and dance around. Do you?

It Got me Like…

“Yay Yay it’s Friday! I’m going to work and coming back to two days off.” Did you just sing this line?

Friday Got me Dreaming like….

Every Friday at work, I see nothing but alcohol everywhere. It gets hard for me to concentrate on my work because I get all thrilled about getting home and drinking. Do you know what I mean?

Me Leaving Work like…

Bring it on! I leave Friday work with thrill and ready for anything, any risks because I’m going home! How do you leave work on Fridays?

Best Feeling Ever

A direct deposit of your pay and your boss not being in at work, especially on a Friday just hits you differently. It’s a feeling no words can describe, but this picture represents it perfectly. What do you think?

Hahahaha…It’s Friday…Beeetcheees

For some reason, Friday turns me into a happy psycho rolling out of work. I have no idea why, but has Friday also got you like that?

Anyone Seen Friday?

Anyone who finds Friday will get $500, but I want it today and no later than that! Can you bring Friday today?

It can Wait!

Got an important task that needs doing? No Thank You, it can wait as it’s Friday. “F” it! You ever leave tasks for Monday on Friday?

Can’t Forget the Unfortunate Ones

This is for all those people who work even on Saturdays and have no memes for them! Do you get annoyed with people and Memes with their excitement for Friday? Are you a Saturday worker?

The Day is The Excuse

How many times have you used the “it’s Friday” excuse? I know I have used it so so many times.

Hang In

This is the representation of memes getting me through the week and telling me continuously that the weekend is coming. What gets you through your week?

Who Said It?

Whenever I hear someone mention Friday, my ears shoot up. That’s the effect Friday has on me. It is the same for you?

The Friday Bath

The most delightful experience is on a Friday when you get back from work and take a nice hot bath. I don’t know about you, but for me, this child is me, literally me on Fridays.

My Friday Face

This is my Friday’s face, what’s your Friday’s face?

Please, Please

When you forget what day it is, but wish for it to be Friday, but it’s only Tuesday. The worst feeling ever for me. Do wish for it to be Friday like this?

Coffee Evolution

My coffee increases along the week and magically changes into alcohol on Friday. Is that the case with you also?

I have no Idea… Just Making it to Friday!

Funny how people think I have plans for the next few years when I am just trying to through the week to Friday every week of the month. Have you got plans or are you the same?

Please Alexa

The day ALEXA can do this, is the day I will buy her, no matter how much it will cost me.

Let me Stay Positive

Fridays can be so fun and sad when the day goes by. However, you can always stay positive and look forward to the next Friday, no matter how far it may be. (I know it’s easy said than done).

Don’t You Dare Ruin My Friday Vibe

There have been Fridays where I have had the most hyper vibe, but someone would come and ruin it. Why can people not understand to not ruin the Friday vibes? Now, my face and Friday motto is exactly what this picture illustrates. Have you had someone ruin your Friday vibe?

Nearly There

“Keep going, you’re nearly there, consider what the reward will be: Alcohol.” Is it just me or do you also have no energy throughout the week but on Friday you get this spurt of energy from nowhere?

What day is it?

Do you know what day Aunty Acid is talking about? And do you also feel like her on that day?

All is Well

I don’t know about you, but if I survive a whole week till Friday then this is definitely my motto. If I can survive a week then “All is Well!”

A Perfect Friday Night

This describes my perfect Friday night. What does your perfect Friday sound like?

I’m Gonna be Back

The urge of showing fingers to your bosses and employees on a Friday is so surreal, but then you remember you have to be back on Monday. My Insides be showing the finger, but outside have a smile. Sounds familiar?

When You Leave Work
When You Leave Work

This illustrated exactly how I will be when leaving work on a Friday. You leave all work problems behind and scream at your freedom. Well, your insides do, do they?

What meme could you relate to the most? Send them to your friends and family to get them through the week!

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